Beware of artificial ripened fruits

Beware of artificially ripened fruits

Fruit ripening is a natural process. When they mature fruits are either taste sweet or sour.  Generally, the result of natural ripening is always great. We get to eat sweeter, less green, palatable and soft fruits. Fruits contain fiber, water, vitamins (like vitamin C), minerals, phytochemicals and sugars. These compositions helps us to be healthy, disease free and to reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer, eye conditions and general inflammation. Fruit ripening which is a natural process will take place on the plant and several biochemical reactions help in the process. While ripening fruits will undergo several chemical changes including enzymatic breakdown and polysaccharides hydrolysis. During hydrolysis process starch breaks down to fructose, sucrose and glucose.  As fruits keeps ripening the enzyme activity continues. Some fruits will ripen further after harvest and some will not.   To get best result one should harvest fruits while it is close to ripening. After harvesting the chemistry of fruits changes.

In today’s market we come across many tasteless, artificial ripened fruits. The chemical agents that used by traders, farmers and transporters will artificially ripen the un-ripened fruits well before the time. Certain methods that are in practice to ripen the fruits for making money are inappropriate techniques and associated with health risks.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 24, 2019

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