Mixed flour dosa with peanut chutney

Mixed flour dosa with peanut chutney

Here is a breakfast or evening snack item prepared using different flour mix and served with peanut chutney. Both recipes are simple and takes less time to prepare. It is easy to digest and fills stomach fast.

Mixed flour dosa recipe:


  1. Wheat flour – 1 cup
  2. All-purpose flour – 1 cup
  3. Rice flour -1/2 cup
  4. Millet flour – ½ cup
  5. Small semolina – 1 cup
  6. Coconut – 1 cup grated
  7. Cumin – 1 tsp
  8. Mustard – 1 tsp
  9. Curry leaves – few chopped
  10. Green chilli – 2
  11. Onion – finely cut ¼ cup
  12. Salt – as per your taste

Dosa preparation:

  1. Grind coconut, green chilli and cumin with little water to paste
  2. Beat yogurt in a vessel, add grinded coconut paste and mix well.
  3. Mix all flours, semolina, salt and add beaten yogurt coconut mix to batter mix
  4. Add enough water and continue mixing till you get dosa batter consistency. Keep it aside for an hour.
  5. Heat frying pan on medium heat, add oil and get ready with season by adding mustard and curry leaves.
  6. You can add onion to above seasoning and fry to golden brown or add cut raw onion to dosa mix (your choice).
  7. Add seasoning and onion to dosa mix, stir well.
  8. Place non -stick tawa on medium heat, sprinkle little oil evenly
  9. Pour a ladle of dosa batter and spread as thin as possible. Cover with a lid.
  10. After couple of minutes remove lid and turn dosa to cook other side.
  11. Serve hot dosa with peanut chutney for breakfast or evening snack.
  12. Lower the heat and pour a ladle of batter on it.

Peanut chutney preparation:


  1. Peanut /ground nut – 1 cup
  2. Onion – 1 medium size
  3. Garlic – 1 or 2 cloves
  4. Red chilli – 5
  5. Curry leaves – few
  6. Tamarind – little ( ½ or 1 inch)
  7. Salt – as per your taste

For seasoning: oil, mustard, urad dal, curry leaves, little asafetida


  1. Dry roast peanuts. You can microwave on a microwave safe plate. Peel skin from roasted peanuts
  2. Place a frying pan on medium heat and add 2 tsp oil. To heated oil add garlic, onion, curry leaves, tamarind and red chilli. Sauté to remove raw odor. Turn of heat and allow contents to cool.
  3. Transfer roasted peanuts and fried ingredients to grinder and grind to a chutney consistency by addling little water.
  4. Get ready with seasoning using oil, mustard, curry leaves, asafetida.
  5. Transfer chutney to vessel and seasoned ingredients to chutney. Mix well, before serving.

Recipe: www.werindia.com


Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: April 25, 2018

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