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Kale-Potato Soup Recipe

Kale-Potato Hot Soup

Winter is almost here. With flu, cold and running nose one feels to have something hot that can also be prepared within few minutes.

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Arbi Cutlets For Navratri

Arbi Cutlets

Arbi is the common leafy and root vegetable plant available throughout the year in many parts of tropical countries. It is very popular in India and Malaysia.

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Lemon Rice For Navratri

Lemon Rice

Medium grain size will give good taste and lemon flavor which will not be masked by any other aroma.

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Amaranth Flour Puri For Navratri

Amaranth Flour (Rajgire ka Atta) Puri

Serve puris hot with daal, vegetable curry prepared without onion and garlic.

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Sabudana Khichdi For Navratri

Sabudana Khichdi

Sabudana is made from raw tapioca roots. It is extracted from the stems of sago palm trees, then processed into small, circular pellets, which are sometimes referred to as pearls.

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Yellow cucumber - Jackfruit Seed Curry

Jackfruit seeds and yellow cucumber curry

Jackfruit can weigh between 10 and 100 pounds and contains hundreds of seeds that are rich in protein, potassium, calcium, and iron — all of which are important for bodily growth.

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Sweet Potato Fry

Sweet Potato Fry (Curry)

This genius vegetable has many health benefits. Before proceeding to recipe, let us see what benefits it offers.

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Apple Pickle Recipe

Most varieties of pickles that we prepare take a long time to prepare or may need more ingredients.

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