Sesame Powder

Sesame Powder

Sesame seeds add a nutty taste and a delicate, almost invisible, crunch to many Asian dishes. They are also the main ingredients in tahini (sesame seed paste) and the wonderful Middle Eastern sweet call halvah. They are available throughout the year. Sesame seeds may be the oldest condiment known to man. They are highly valued for their oil which is exceptionally resistant to rancidity. Sesame powder is an Indian traditional powder similar to chutney powder but made of sesame (ellu) and red chillies. The traditional value of the powder is because of the calcium content that sesame powder carries. Sesame known to contain calcium which is needed for stronger bones. People who do not like sesame sweets can make this powder, mix with rice and have. One can prepare sesame powder within 20 minutes and store it for a longtime.


  1. Sesame seeds – 1 cup
  2. Red chillies -7
  3. Curry leaves (optional) 10
  4. Salt to taste


  • Dry fry sesame seeds in a pan without oil, till seeds starts cracking or pop up. Alternatively one can use microwave and fry the sesame seeds.
  • Allow seeds to cool for 10 minutes.
  • Dry fry chillies in a pan and keep chillies aside to cool.
  • If you are using curry leaves dry fry in a pan or microwave leaves so that leaves loose water content and becomes dry.
  • In a wet grinder course grind sesame seeds and transfer to a container.
  • Grind fried chillies & curry leaves to somewhat fine powder.
  • Add salt to sesame powder, add chilli powder and mix well.
  • Store in tight container. Whenever feel like having sesame powder, prepare fresh rice, add little ghee or oil and mix well. Have sesame powder rice with pappad and thick yogurt on the side.

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