Reasons for weight increase

Why your weight is increasing?

Despite being on diet and working hard why we struggle to lose weight ?  After certain age, our metabolism slows down. To increase the metabolism we need to work out – exercise and take proper care of our diet. I have listed some of the common mistakes that we all make while dieting and working out that can result in slower metabolic rate and gain in weight.

1. Not eating enough!

When you eat less, your basic physiological/biological function gets disturbed. Mind recieves a message about starvation and metabolism slows down as a defense against starvation. Do you know – consuming 300 to 400 calories every four hours helps in keeping good weight!

2. Do you avoid coffee/tea?

These two are nervous system stimulants and helps in increasing metabolic rate. Have one cup of tea/coffee. Do not drink too much to have a sleepless night.

3. Just eating white carbs ?

Everybody likes white carbs. They can slow down metabolism. Include good amount of fiber and other good stuffs along with small portion of your favorite carb and you will be fine.

4. Drinking water temperature

It matters. You will be surprised – cold water helps in raising resting metabolism. When your drink cold water, body has to work harder to heat the water to body temperature!

5. No protein in your diet

Protein is essential for proper metabolism. It helps in keeping lean muscle and proper metabolic rate.

6. Couch potato or sitting job?

Well then you are going to have slow metabolism. If you have a sitting job – then make sure to walk 10,000 steps every day. If you are home, keep moving in the house – do your home work. This helps in increasing metabolism.

7. Vegetables sprayed with pesticides

Give a close look to your fruits and vegetables. There toxins can interfere in your energy burning process and trigger weight gain.

8. Not getting enough vitamin D and vitamin B or iron?

Learn about these supplements and what they can do to your body. It is well known fact that not getting enough of these supplements can make you gain weight by sagging your energy and reducing metabolism.

9. No calcium in your diet

Not eating enough calcium due to your improper diet can result in slower metabolism.

10. Eating processed foods to lose weight

There you go… you have a culprit in your diet. Eating so called diet food that are highly processed can only harm you!

11. Not getting enough sleep

Sleeping less than five or six hours a night, can slow your metabolism and cause hormonal changes that hurt your weight-loss efforts.

12. Eating only salads?

Salads may not contain enough carbohydrates to help control hunger hormones. Moreover they may contain high-calorie salad bar additions like blue cheese and candied walnuts.

13. Nuts as snack item?

If you think nuts is healthy food and can eat a lot – then you are wrong. They also supply lots of calories. Understand how many calories the provide and how some nuts slows down the metabolic rate.

14. Skipping breakfast and not drinking water?

These two are deadly combination! Yes, if you skip breakfast and not drinking enough water throughout the day can result in weight increase – body sends wrong signals to brain regarding the absence of these two factors. Generally, skipping meals can lead to food cravings and overeating later in the day — reaching for whatever food is available and making up for the missed calories by eating more.

15. You do not eat diary

Muscle is essential for keeping the metabolism active. If you consume 3-7 servings of dairy per day it helps in burning more fat and gives more lean muscle mass.


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Image credit: Photo by Li Sun from Pexels (Free CC0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 27, 2017

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