Who works hard? Bees!

Who works hard? Bees!

Yes, we get all the benefits from honey. But do you know who works hard here? Do you know there are 3 types of bees in bee hives?

Queen – Larger bee present at the center of hive who deposits eggs.

The Drones – Future fathers of the bee colony. Their work is limited in mating new queen and producing offspring. Then they die – they really have short life span!

Female worker bees: Hard-working bees – they carry nectar and pollen to hives. They also fix wax in the hive. The worker bees have different positions within the hive. They can be scouts, guards, care take of queen, some produce honey. Scout bees take the task of finding new nectar sources and look for vegetation. They bring back news to workers with their dance routine.

Honey bees work close to their hives. If needed they fly up to 1.5 km from hive. Scout bees vibrate their wings swiftly if they find nectar within 100 meters of the hive. If the source is away their dance is “wagtail” in figure eight shape!

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 12, 2017

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