21 Grandma's advices

Grandma’s 21 suggestions for better life

Sometimes simple advice and suggestions helps us to get through tough situations. Time to time we all need such advice. Remembering elders ‘sayings’ helps us to makes decision, to choose and to achieve what we wanted.  Words of wisdom are like pearls and one should treasure.

Here are 21 suggestions from grandma to achieve a better life.

  1. Be loyal – Being loyal with oneself and others keeps your relationships strong
  2. Be honest – Being honest not only with others, being honest with oneself gives clarity in the mind
  3. Be a self-starter – This will help you to learn everything from scratch. Observe, learn and start
  4. Be decisive even it means you will sometimes can be wrong
  5. Be courageous – Be brave to face the world, fear only takes you back where you started
  6. Be generous – Don’t hold back when you must give something to someone.
  7. Be forgiving of yourself and others – This keeps you focused on your goal
  8. Be persistence – Do not give up, being persistent takes you to success one step closer
  9. Always have a grateful heart – Acknowledge helping hands. Whether it is janitor, waiter or a doctor
  10. Be generous – Being generous gives you back more in terms of wealth and people
  11. Be positive and enthusiastic – Having a positive attitude helps you to achieve your goal and being enthusiastic brings confidence in you
  12. Be nice to everyone – Treat every person the way you wanted to be treated from others
  13. Focus on quality – Give quality time, quality work and you will end up in getting amazing results
  14. Discipline to save money – Practice discipline to save money, saving money means saving your future
  15. Focus on improvement – Always think there is scope for improvement in your work and you will get best results
  16. Do not blame others – Stop blaming others for your mistakes, learn to take responsibility for your actions
  17. Help others – Helping others meaning helping yourself
  18. Be affectionate – Make sure those around you know that you care for them, you love them
  19. Give respect & take respect – Do not give chance to others to disrespect you. Be respectful to others & take respect
  20. Keep a good attitude – Have a good attitude, it attracts people and gives you more friends.
  21. Being your best – Keep trying, keep doing what you are doing, and you will one day achieve all that you want to achieve

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 11, 2019

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