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7 Tips to be A Healthier Woman

On this Women’s Day we all must take some time to think about how to take care of ourselves. Because while caring for others, we often neglect our health. This is the only body that we have, and we must protect it. If not, we will be failing to do justice to our own body and end up sick at old age.

How to be healthy and fit at any age?

  1. Be on regular on your health checkup: Understand what health check ups need to be done for woman. Talk to your physician. Make appointment and understand how your body is performing and it is good to know how your health is.
  2. Look at your diet: Eating right is one way to achieve good health. Eating right means -Limit foods that are high in salt and sugar. Keep an eye on your calorie intake and carbohydrate consumption. Consume fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods. Avoid trans-fats, limit alcohol consumption. Stop smoking to keep lungs active.
  3. Physical activity is a must: Don’t sit and be a lazy person! Expert advice, to maintain overall health in good condition, everyday one should be active for minimum 3 hrs. Daily exercise should be part of your routine. You can spread the activity over a day. Attending to housework, going for walk, gym – these are all considered physical activities.
  4. Sleep should be your priority: You must know how much your body need rest. Sleep deprivation causes severe illness. Follow a regular pattern with sleep cycle. Avoid bright screen, TV watching at late night. Most women need seven to nine hours sleep everyday.
  5. Focus on your overall wellness: Stress can cause more harm for the body. A healthy mind is essential to support healthy body. When you are stressed count your blessings and positive aspects of your life. Practice guided breathing, meditation, and yoga. All these three are excellent choices for healthy mind.
  6. Learn to say no, I can’t: We all have limitations. If someone wants something from you and if you are unable to fulfill or attend to others needs, say No. You don’t need to please all the people that are in your life. Being able to attend to your priorities is essential for your happiness and peace of mind.
  7. Take up a hobby, escape from monotony: Keep yourself engaged in some activity. Do something that you love. You may have hidden talents. If you don’t have one, try to develop hobbies. Hobbies are best way to express your creativity. This will give you a sense of achievement and joy.

Women are nurturers and caregivers.  If we don’t take care of ourselves, we cannot attend to others. In addition, as we age, we our immunity changes and body slow down. If we think we are going to live longer and be independent, then we must give attention to our health and being healthy should be our top priority.

Image credit: Image by Melissa Angela Flor from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 8, 2021

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