Ragi Manni For Babies

Ragi manni for your baby

Ragi or finger millet is very rich nutrient food. It serves all nutrients that a baby needs for growth. Ragi has calcium, iron and many more important nutrients. Major portion of ragi is carbohydrate about 80%. The fat percentage is quite less which is good!. Protein and fiber contents vary but range from less to moderate. Do you know? Ragi mudde is a favorite dish from Karnataka, India. One ball of ragi mudde serves good amount of energy. Ragi manni is a simple dish made out of ragi flour as one of the important ingredient. It is good for young little stomach. It is also known as “super food of babies“. It is a traditional food and is gaining more popularity with young parents as they now know the value of ragi ! Ready made ragi manni flour will be available easily. But, homemade flour is better and safe for the babies.

To start with one can feed baby (4 month and above) ragi manni made out of only ragi flour. Eventually, you can add other ingredients can be introduced to this ragi manni one by one. Watch for allergic reactions. If you see any allergy then take out the particular ingredient.

Ragi manni FULL Ingredients:

  1. ¼ cup wheat
  2. ¼ cup jowar
  3. ¼ cup green gram
  4. 1 cup ragi/Finger millet

Preparation method:

  1. Wash and soak above ingredients separately overnight.
  2. Next morning drain the water and allow them to sprout. You can sprout them (separately) by tying a cloth or use sprouting utensils.
  3. After 24 hours, take out the sprouted seeds and dry them under hot sun. There should not be any water content left.
  4. Grind dried sprouted seeds to powder. Strain the powder to get very fine powder.
  5. Store the powder in an air tight container.

To feed baby: For 4 month and up:

  • To 1/4 cup milk add 1 to 2 Tbs water and 1/2 tsp of ragi hittu.
  • Mix well and transfer to a container. Cook this mix well on medium to low heat. Make sure there is no lumps left.
  • Take out the manni, add little ghee/clarified butter, very little salt or sugar or date syrup and feed the baby.
  • See how baby feels with salt or sugar – accordingly you can add either one of them.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: September 3, 2017

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2 Comments on “Ragi manni for your baby”

    1. Hi Jaya, One can give ragi manni to baby after 4 months in little quantity (to avoid stomach upset). After 6 months one can increase the quantity and add other ingredients to it. You can strain the powder using muslin cloth or fine sieve. Hope this answers your question.

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