Add few more grandma's handy tips to your list

Add few more of grandma’s handy tips to your list

Add few more of grandma’s handy tips to your list

  1.  Apply petroleum jelly to get used to new shoe. Stop blistering by applying soft deodorant behind heels.
  2. To remove odor from shoe, use cat litter. Fill cat litter in old sock & place inside the shoe to absorb smell.
  3. If your favorite cloth is shrunk after washing don’t get disappointed. Add baby shampoo to luke warm water and soak the shrinked cloth half an hour. Remove and use normal water to wash.
  4. To de pill your cloths/jeans use razor. Run the razor softly on the cloth and remove the puffs.
  5. Apply tea candle wax on winter shoe and use hair drier to melt the candle. Wax will spread on the shoe equally and keeps your shoe water proof.
  6. Do you know? Freezing the denim one a while helps in removing odor and long lasting.
  7. To remove make up foundation from your blouse or shirt use shaving cream. Apply shaving cream on the makeup foundation mark and leave it for few minutes. Wash using gentle detergent.
  8. If you don’t have place to store your clothes, rolling your clothes (not suite or expensive clothes) than folding the cloths should help. Same technique you can apply while packing suitcase for your trip.
  9. To keep the original color of jeans, while washing jeans use one cup of distilled vinegar. Vinegar helps to set the color of jeans.
  10. To remove red wine- Dab red wine as much as possible. Apply salt on the red wine and dab as best as you can. Then use white wine to neutralize the stain followed by adding baking soda and wash the cloth.
  11. If your cloth has bleach spots, use a matching color sharpie and covet the spots!
  12. To remove oil stains from clothes, use talcum powder. Put talcum powder on oil marks and allow it to sit for few minutes. Wash clothes using regular detergent afterwards.

Collection: From grandma @ Healthy life

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: September 12, 2017

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