Tired of eating fruits & vegetables, try these tips

Tired of eating fruits & vegetables, try these tips

If you are fed up of eating fruits and vegetables and looking for some change in the way you consume healthy fruits and vegetables, here are few interesting and healthy alternate tips.

  1.  Use dips and spreads on cut vegetables and fruits. Use low fat cheese, pepper jack cheese, salsa or bean dip to mask the taste of fruits or vegetables.
  2. Cut vegetables like carrot, onion, cucumber into small pieces and add it to yogurt with little salt. Give a seasoning using mustard.
  3. Grind cucumber with green chilli and coconut. Add salt and yogurt. Consume with bread, rice or chapti.
  4. Cut vegetables and fruits like apple, pear into small pieces. Spread them on tortilla chips or on crackers. Place cheese cubes and consume.
  5. Puree vegetables and add into soups, pasta and pizza sauce.
  6. To avoid raw odor of vegetables, try Indian curries, stir fries. You can have these dishes with white or brown rice.
  7. Add fruits and vegetables to smoothies. Add milk and create a thick drink. Add cocoa powder or little tobacco sauce and make it little more interesting.
  8. Try baking vegetables and add cheese into it while baking.
  9. Use milder tasting vegetables instead of strong vegetables for raw eating purpose. Try eating pumpkin, avocado, potato, green beans, carrots and corn.
  10. Some does not like herb odor especially cilantro. Instead of putting cilantro at the end of dish, try frying cilantro leaves in oil while preparing seasoning.
  11. Instead of eating individual fruits and vegetables, mix fruit varieties and nuts.
  12. Try mixing fruits in dishes and breakfast items – blueberries, chopped apples, and bananas in muffin, quick bread, and waffle batters.
  13. Try dry fruits – banana slices, sapota (chikkoo) slices, jackfruit slices, fig, dates etc.
  14. While eating olives try some extra seasoning with spices and garlic.
  15. Mix cut fruits, honey and little sugar (optional). Consume half a cup. If you prefer add little milk or yogurt into it.
  16. Place cut vegetables on bread, add little sauce or better is green chutney and consume.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: December 5, 2017

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