Easy tips to clean house

House cleaning is easy with these tips!

No one wants to spend lot of time at home cleaning and washing. At one point we all feel to make our life easy with simple solutions. If you are looking for simple tips to keep your house clean and want to spend less time in cleaning, here are few house cleaning tips that makes life much easy.

  1. Reuse dryer sheets: Recycle it after use. Used dryer sheets are good for removing water spots on the mirrors and sink fixtures. You can use them to remove dust on furniture and other surfaces.
  2. Cleaning blender: After using the blender, instead of using your hands to clean inside blender, fill blender with warm water and couple of drops of dish soap. Turn blender on at low speed, rinse with warm dish soap water followed by clear warm water.
  3. Cleaning couch: Use baking soda to clean fabric sofa. Vacuum sofa and then sprinkle baking soda on the area to clean. Let it sit for half an hour or so and vacuum baking soda. Sofa feels and looks fresh and clean.
  4. Garbage disposal: Sometimes things sit in garbage disposal can cause bad odor. Once a week or so, throw couple of small pieces of lemon slices in the disposal and turn on disposal with water running. This takes out any bad odor that is bothering your kitchen.
  5. Cleaning scrubs and sponges: Dish cleaning sponges and scrubs can carry microbes. Soak them in hot water with vinegar and squeeze few times to clean. Or place them with dishes in dish washer. Sponges can be kept few seconds in microwave (say 30 seconds) and it kills microorganisms harboring in it.
  6. To clean tiles and vinyl flooring: Use a bucket of warm water with few drops of detergent and vinegar. After vacuuming, use this liquid and mop the floor surface.
  7. Cabinet corner cleaning: Take baking soda and vegetable oil and make a paste. Use an old toothbrush and scrub gunky stuff from the corners of the cabinets.
  8. To remove shower scum: Use dish wand for this – fill dish wand with 1:1 dish soap and vinegar and use wand to scrub the scum and the job will be done!
  9. Stainless steel appliances: All are mostly fond of stainless steel appliances. However, constant touching these appliances can leave your fingerprints. Mix rubbing alcohol and few drops of olive oil or baby oil mix and old clean cloth and clean the surface.
  10. Hard water spots in sink faucets: To get rid of hard water spots in sink, use vinegar. Use a spray bottle and spray vinegar on and around faucets. It removes any lime and water mark.
  11. How to clean dirty blinds: Mix water and vinegar in equal parts. Take an old sock or cloth and soak it in the vinegar-water mixture. Run it over blind slat and remove dirt easily.
  12. Glasses cleaning: To get rid of cloudiness in the glasses, use white vinegar. After dish washing glasses, take vinegar in paper towel and clean glass surface as well as inside.
  13. Cleaning air vents: Winter time indoor allergy happens many times because of dirt sitting in air vents. To clean the air vents, use a wet old cloth. Wrap it around butter knife and clean the air vents.
  14. Cleaning oven: Mix vinegar and baking soda and apply inside the oven. Leave it for 5 minutes and wipe using old cloth and water.
  15. Baseboard cleaning: Use water and detergent mix. After vacuuming the floor, take old cloth or sock and dip in the liquid and wipe baseboard.
  16. To clean comb: Soak comb in shampoo water an hour. Take an old brush and scrub it through comb teeth. All the black dirt will come out. After removing all dirt rinse and wash comb in running water and dry.

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Image credit: Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 13, 2017

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