16 potato hacks

16 Potato hacks

Did you know, apart from eating, potatoes can come in handy for varieties of works at home? Potatoes are popular foods and one can eat them in different forms. Potatoes are major ingredients of many dishes. Potatoes can also be used for various different purposes. Here are few ways to make use of potatoes at home.

  1. To get rid of cheese from the grater, use potato. Just grate the potatoes before washing grater. It will take away cheese residue
  2. Worried about too much salt in soup? Cut one or two potato into big pieces and add into soup. Slowly boil, as potatoes pieces will absorb extra salt. Remove potato pieces using a fork before serving soup.
  3. Cut potatoes into thin slices and place slices onto affected area. This reduces itching & redness
  4. To remove rust from surfaces and cutlery – cut potato and dip the cut end in baking soda and then rub the cut end with baking soda onto the rusted area.
  5. To remove fog from car windshield, rub sliced potato all over the windshield. Fogginess goes away.
  6. Potatoes are good for glass window cleaning. Cut a raw potato and rub it all over windows and clean using a cloth. You can use potatoes to clean clear plastics like goggles.
  7. To remove a broken light bulb from socket, insert the reminder of broken bulb inside a cut potato. Hold and unscrew the rest of the socket.
  8. Potatoes are good for tarnish removal. Soak tarnished silverware in water with few cut potatoes for an hour and wash the vessel.
  9. Wash and slice potatoes. Keep slices on eyes to remove dark circles and redness
  10. Slice potatoes into half and using a knife prepare an emblem art – flower, flag, star etc – paint it and use it as stamps. Kids will like this idea!
  11. If you are into stitching dresses, then you will be familiar with pincushion. If you don’t find pincushion don’t worry. Use a potato to keep pins in place! (keep potato pincushion out of reach from others)
  12. For floral arrangements – cut a large potato into half and place flat side on bottom of the flower vase. Poke few holes on the opposite side and arrange floral stems the way you want!
  13. Do you know? Potatoes can be good hot and cold compressor. Potatoes hold temperature for longtime. If you need ice pack then, freeze few potatoes and use them. If you need hot bag, boil potatoes and use them.
  14. Potatoes are great for plants growth. Cut small holes in a potato and plant the stem of the flowering plant like geranium or rose inside the potato. Place in the soil. Once the plant sprouts transfer it to soil. You can also put potato skin shavings as manure to growing plant to boost flowering.
  15. To remove stains from your hands use potatoes. Some vegetables like berries and beets or ink stain and grass stain can leave color in hands. To remove these stains, cut a potato and rub it over palm and fingers. Wash hands.
  16. Use potato halves to remove broken glass pieces from the floor. This protects your hands.

Image credit: Pinterest boards, Pixabay

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 17, 2022

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