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Tips To Reuse Tea Bags For Home And Beauty Purposes

After preparing tea do not throw tea bags in garbage. These used tea bags still have the power to serve you to enhance your beauty as well as daily house tasks.

Drinking tea (herbal or black tea) is recommended for health because of antioxidant content that protect us from sickness. Giving a second chance to already used tea bags is a great idea to improve health and to keep home clean. Any types of herbal teas and black tea bags can be reused for these purposes.

  • As nutrient to soil: Tea contains antioxidant like tannic acid which is a natural fertilizer for your garden. As it decomposes soil richness increases to supporting growing plants.
  • As decomposer:  Tannic acid content promotes decomposition. Add the tea bags in decompost bin and use the compost to grow veggies and flowering plants in garden.
  • Fungal repellent: Dip the tea bags in warm water and leave it for few hours. Rest of the content present in tea bag slowly seeps in the water. Transfer this solution to a spray bottle and spray on plant leaves to avoid fungal attack of indoor and garden plants.
  • Good for roses and curry plants: Tannins in tea leaves helps roses to grow well. Like wise, adding tea leaves around curry leaf plant makes plant grow well.
  • Air freshener: Use tea bags as air freshener for your vehicle.  Tea leaves absorb the bad odor by neutralizing. If you want little more fragrance, apply bit of your favorite essential oil on top of dry tea bag.
  • Deodorize fridge: In a bowl keep few used tea bags and place in fridge. You can also place leftover tea powder. Benefit of this is, it absorbs old vegetables smell, onion, and garlic odor.
  • Deodorize shoes: Place used, dried tea bag in your office or sport shoes. It absorbs the bad stinky odor from shoes.
  • Use in closet and drawer: Keep dried tea bags in your closet, in drawer or  between clothes to get fresh, herbal odor.
  • Rub on hands: After cutting onion, garlic or veggies that gives odor, open the tea bag, and rub tea leaves on your palms. You can also use tea liquid as finger bowl to feel fresh.
  • For cleaning: Because of tannins, black tea is leaves are good source for cleaning hardwood floors. After preparing tea, instead of throwing the tea leaves, brew them further. Strain and use the liquid to mop hardwood floor. Tannic acid in tea brings shining to floor. You can use tea bags to clean mirror. Use a soft cloth or paper to remove excess tea from mirror or glass.
  • For cast iron: Did you know tannin prevents iron from rusting? Once a while rub used moistened tea bag on cost iron to keep cast iron rust free.

Beauty tips with tea bags

  • For sun burn and scratches: Apply cold compress of used tea leaves on burnt area on the skin. to prepare cold compresses,  soak tea bags in ice water or keep them in fridge for few minutes. To reduce sun burning you can spray diluted tea solution.
  • For insect bite: To reduce itchiness, bumps and pain from insect bite use cold compress of tea leaves. Use black tea as it has more tannin content and is more effective.
  • Reduce puffiness of eyes : Sleepless nights or excess sleeping can cause puffiness of eyes. To reduce puffiness take two tea bags, moisten them and place is on closed eye lids or below eyes. Remove tea bags after 5-10 mins. Eyes will appear normal.
  • For acne: Warm tea bag compress is good for reducing acne pain. Antioxidants acts on skin microbes to reduce their activities.
  • Facial mask: Open used tea bag and mix the leaves with 2 tsp honey. Rub this mix on your face. Leave it for few minutes, wash using warm water. You will notice glowing, smooth face.
  • As mouthwash: Use diluted tea solution to wash and gargle mouth. It removes bad odor, bad breath and makes you feel better.
  • For hair and bath: Just like herbal hair care products, tea bags helps to clarify and conditioning the hair. After washing hair, take brewed, diluted tea bag solution and apply on hair and scalp. Leave it for few minutes and give a rinse. Hair turns smooth and shiny.
  • Use in bathing: You can fill bucket with warm water and soak tea bags in the water. Take bath in this water. Drinking green tea has positive benefit on skin. Similarly, having bath using warm green or herbal tea water is good for skin.

Image credit: Image by ❄️♡💛♡❄️ Julita ❄️♡💛♡❄️ from Pixabay (cc by 0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 18, 2023

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