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Alternative Uses of Baby Wipes You Should Know

Baby wipes are pre moistened wipes designed to clean as well as soothe baby’s soft skin during diaper changes. Baby wipes are much safer to use as the formula is designed to protect baby’s soft skin. If you have extra baby wipes or if you are not a fan of regular adult wipes, then use baby wipes various purposes including for personal care.

What is in baby wipes? Baby wipes are made of materials like cotton, cellulose, bamboo fibers, viscose, polyester blend. Moistened with a combination of water, baby oil, cleanser, and preservative. These are generally simpler formulations. Using baby wipes for different purposes can be advantageous as it is good for adult skin too.

For personal care:

  1. For oily face: Wipe face using baby wipes to give fresh look.
  2. For hair dye stains: After applying hair dye, it could drip on your face and neck. Use gentle baby wipes to remove those stains.
  3. Make up removal: Baby wipe is a friendly, effective, and inexpensive make up remover.
  4. To keep hair tidy: Instead of using hairspray or if you run out of hairspray, just run baby wipe all over on your hair. It keeps hair tidy for longtime.
  5. For cooling effect: When you step inside home after a long day, you need something cool on your face. Use refrigerated wipes to wipe face for dual effect – it acts as coolant as well as wipes dirt.

For regular cleaning purposes:

  1. Clean countertop and surfaces: During deep cleaning use baby wipes on your regular or marble countertop and other kitchen surfaces including appliances fridge, microwave, blender, food processor coffee machine etc.
  2. For floor cleaning: Stick baby wipe to mop and use it clean all types of floors. Avoid cleaning hardwood flooring with any type of harsh chemicals.
  3. For bathroom: You can use baby wipes to clean sink, toilet seat, faucets, doorknob etc. clean both dryer and washing machines surfaces and remove dust from the surfaces.
  4. Wipe trash can: Wipe down food stains and liquid spills inside trash cans and smaller recycle bins.
  5. Remove grease and pans: Before loading pans and pots in dishwasher, wipe grease from these utensils with baby wipes.
  6. Cleaning furniture: Wipe dust from furniture surfaces
  7. Remove stains: Stains on surfaces as well as on carpet can be removed using baby wipes.

Other uses of baby wipes:

  1. House plant surface: If indoor plants are accumulating dust on leaves, use baby wipes and remove dust. Plants not only look fresh, also grow well.
  2. Clean light switch surface area: Many times, around light switches we tend to leave our finger marks. Remove it using baby wipes.
  3. Cleaning photo frame: Baby wipes are great to clean glass surfaces.
  4. Remove crayon and pencil marks: children love to draw on walls. Use baby wipes to remove those lines and artwork on the wall. Baby wipes are great for removing these types of stains.
  5. Clean toys: Wipe baby’s toys using these wipes instead of using harsh cleaners.
  6. For cleaning screens: Phone, TV, lens, and your computer screens need to be cleaned once a while. Use baby wipes to remove dust and marks from screen.
  7. For remote control and mouses: these objects also need to be cleaned often. Use baby wipes for cleaning mouse, desk surface, remote controls.
  8. Clean pets: To clean paws and pet hair from surfaces baby wipe is a great option.
  9. During travel: Carry baby wipes during travel. These comes handy when you must use public bathroom, to clean seat, food tray, handles etc.
  10. At office: To clean office desk, chair and dirt keep baby wipes near your desk.
  11. To remove glue and chewing gum: Sticky glues and stuck chewing gum can be removed from surfaces with these wipes.
  12. For your vehicles: To remove stains, dust, marks, old coffee/tea spill marks, dust from seats, bird dropping, to wipe steering wheel, dashboard, mirrors.
  13. Use at gym: Your gym may provide surface cleaner. Sometimes these cleaners can contain ammonia. For cleaning yoga mat, gym equipment’s handle, seat, surfaces – put baby wipes in your gym bag and use it before and after use.
  14. Clean shoes surface: Wipe your shoe surface including leather shoes with these gentle and soft wipes.

Image credit: Image by Amr from Pixabay (cc by 0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 23, 2023

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