Under eye bag removal

Simple life changes can help you to get rid of under eye bag

Do you get puffy eyes or bags under your eyes? Many of us do. Women use different eye products, creams, surgery, laser treatment etc. to get rid of the eye bags. For women most of the time under eye bag is a source of cosmetic concern than a health issue. One can get rid of the eye bags with some changes in the diet and daily habits.

Reasons for under eye bags:

Under eye bags occur for different reasons. It could be due to lack of moisture, not getting enough rest and sleep, sleeping position, smoking, traveling, pollution, stress and allergy are some of the reasons. In addition, it could be also due to high intake of salty food, alcohol drinking and not enough water can be responsible too. Apart from these reasons, it can be due to some medical conditions.

If you don’t have any medical conditions, then instead of applying harmful chemicals that can interfere with you eye health, bringing some changes in your diets and habits could help you to get rid of the eye bags.

Keeping eye in good health is critical as we age. Sometimes it is the age factor that is responsible for puffiness and under eye bags. To maintain your appearance, keep up good habits, good diet program and learn to relax through mindfulness and meditation.

  1. Avoid salty foodReduce salt intake, control eating pickle, saltines, chips etc. Salt retains water not just under the eye. It causes edema in legs and increases weight. Cut down on salt in every meal. Do not add extra salt to your food.
  2. Drinking water – Through out the day stay hydrated. Your body cells need water to keep your skin moisture. Skin is responsible for toxin elimination from the body. The more you sweat and perspire, your body needs water. Drinking water helps to keep the body electrolytes in balance.
  3. Include Vitamin A rich food in your diet – Because retinol helps to keep the skin in healthy condition. Retinol is another name for Vitamin A. Include foods that contain retinol in your diet.
  4. Allergies – Get to know your allergies. Avoid allergy causing foods, pollen exposure. Do not rub your eyes to avoid puffiness and swelling.
  5. Avoid alcohol – Because alcohol dehydrates the body and makes skin appear malnourished.
  6. Include vitamin C rich food – Vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables promote skin thickening around eyes.
  7. Getting good sleepAvoid sleeping on one side or on your belly continuously as both these cause fluid accumulation under eyes and swelling in face. Use thin pillow or no pillow to avoid puffiness of face and eye. Get recommended hours of sleep every single day. Rest and relax whenever you must.
  8. Too much Sun – Standing in Sun for longtime or exposure to Sun for long hours causes dehydration by damaging the collagen. Wear sun glasses when you have to step out in hot sun.
  9. Wash face and eyes – Using slightly warm water wash your face and eyes. Remove make up before going to bed.
  10. Quit smoking – Smoking is not good for health anyway. It can harm your eye and overall health.
  11. Screen – Take a break from screen every half an hour if you are working on the computer. Reduce time looking at your smart phone. Strain on eyes is another reason for its puffiness.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: July 9, 2021

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