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How To Plan On Interior Decoration Of The Home

If you are considering Interior decoration of your home and you would like to work on it all by yourself then you should consider proper planning. Sometimes without a proper plan, there is a chance your budget may exceed and money could be exhausted. To avoid such situation, work on the layout and then go for shopping of decorative items.

If your plan is only to redecorate your home by moving already existing stuffs, then consider getting rid of unwanted items first. If you are planning to remodel and decorating house then you need more planning. Either way, first plan on your budget and write down what alteration has to be made and what items needed for interior decoration of the house.

Here are few tips to plan on interior decoration of your house.

  1. What is the size of the house and how many family members are living in your house? Do they all have individual room or shared rooms? – Based on their age and interest, plan on decorating the rooms.
  2. Do you have pets? Are your pets have space to eat and sleep? – Consider making some space for pets.
  3. Kitchen  – if you are planning on decorating kitchen, consider adding extra storage and cabinets / shelves to keep kitchen items properly. Plan on getting kitchen organizers. You may want to take a look at kitchen countertop too.
  4. Kitchen appliances – what is your budget and what appliances you are going to buy or replace? Consider the volume of the appliance so that you can fit in your kitchen. Too much crowded kitchen means, less space.
  5. Living room – how big is your living room? In some houses living room will be separate.  If you are planning to place a TV then, consider keeping comfortable cozy sofa sets and center coffee tables. Some people would like to stretch and watch the TV.
  6. Office or study room – If you and your family love book, make arrangements to keep books in office. Get shelves, cupboards to keep valuable books. Consider getting desk where the power cords can be arranged properly without entangling.
  7. Rooms- Decorate rooms according to taste of the family member. For elders make it comfortable and consider lighter color walls with less heavy decoration. Make arrangements to keep things handy as per their needs.
  8. Plan on arranging closets or shelves for clothes, slippers, jewelries etc.
  9. Organizing bathroom cabinets – make clean arrangements for all essential bath items – shampoo, soaps, towels, bath tissue, hair oil, comb, makeup etc.
  10. Plan on keeping a separate and child proof medicine cabinet.
  11. If you are painting the wall, use colors that inspire and keep mind calm.
  12. Consider drawing a rough sketch of the house and what item you would need for decoration. When you are buying furniture premeasurement will help and easily you can fit in the furniture in the designated room.
  13. Choose a design theme- modern, traditional, open space, green work, rustic and industrial theme etc.
  14. Regarding electric work – based on your theme and remodeling you might need to consider adding switch boards, sockets, multiple sockets, extra wiring for future fans or AC.

Before buying decorative items :

  1. Measure the item size so that it fits in whichever room you want to place it. As they say measure twice buy once to avoid mistakes.  
  2. When buying lights or lamps, have a clarity of what type of lights each room needs, so that you don’t need to replace lights. Consider adding more natural lights too.
  3. Ceiling fans are essential in hot summers. Based on room size decide on fixing right size ceiling fans.
  4. If you are considering putting curtains for windows for bedrooms use curtains that block light at night so that sleep does not get disturbed. For other rooms consider lighter shades curtains.
  5. Do not heavily decorate one or two rooms as place looks crowded.
  6. If you are plant lover and considering to keep decorative plants, keep plates under the pots to collect drained water. Keep plant lights for indoor plants to avoid death of the plants. Having medium to larger size potted plant is better as it leads to less mess.  

A well planned and well-organized house brings positive environment and good health for the entire family. 

Image courtesy: Imagen de user32212 en Pixabay (CC by 0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 14, 2022

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