How to fix salty dish

Tips to Fix Salty Dish

Sometimes you might realize that the dish you just prepared which is almost ready to serve has more salt in it. We all make this mistake. Tail end of cooking when we taste the dish, due to salt the dish is inedible. Instead of panicking try some of the tips to reduce the salt in the dish.

Reasons for foods get salty

  • If we don’t pay attention to the ingredients and the quantity of the ingredients, little salt could also end up in making dish very salty.
  • Measurement of salt- If you directly pour the salt from the salt container, more salt could fall in the dish.
  • Salt granules and table salt: Kosher salt generally has larger granules than table salt. If you are using table salt instead of Kosher, you should know that you must put less table salt.
  • If you are using precooked veggies from cans you must know that these veggies will have salt and preservatives. Adding salt might increase the saltiness in the dish.

How to fix salty dish?

  1. Add raw potatoes: Cut one or two raw potatoes and simply add to the dish. Potatoes absorb the excess salt from dish
  2. Add boiled potatoes: Boil one or two potatoes and mix with dish.
  3. Add lemon juice or vinegar: Adding acidic ingredient like lemon juice or white vinegar cuts the saltiness of sauces and soups. Little bit of either one of them should do magic.
  4. Add cream: Adding cream or creamy ingredients reduces saltiness in certain types of food. Adding cream to soup reduces saltiness. Sour cream is good option too for tomato-based dishes.
  5. Add flour dough: Make few small balls using flour dough. Add it to liquid or gravy. Four will reduce salt in the dish
  6. Add milk: Adding milk to yogurt-based dishes or to sauce and soup reduces salt.
  7. Add onion: Cut one or two onions, add it to dishes during cooking. Onion counteracts on salt content.
  8. Add jaggery: adding jaggery or sugar to dishes brings up sweetness a bit and balances salt
  9. Add water: For some food you can add boiled water and little spice to reduce salt.
  10. Add extra veggies: Cut some quick cooking veggies like carrot, peas, cauliflower and add it to the dish.
  11. Add tomatoes: Cut and throw few tomatoes to dishes. Tomatoes will absorb salt and decreases salt taste
  12. Add starch: Adding corn starch is a good option too. Mix starch in water and add it to the dish.
  13. Add besan powder: Mix one or two tsp of besan or chickpea powder and to the dish. Let he content boil for couple of minutes.
  14. Add greens: cut some green leaves like spinach, amaranth, kale and add to the dish.
  15. Soak canned veggies: Before adding to dishes, soak canned veggies in water for at least half an hour to remove extra salt.
  16. Increase quantity: If nothing works out, increase quantity of the dish. Store extra food in refrigerator for next day.

If a person need to take extra salt, there could be some medical reason behind it. Too much salt consumption is not good for health. It results in high BP and weight gain. Reducing salt intake helps in various ways.

Image credit: Image by congerdesign from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 8, 2023

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