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Tips To Extend Life Of Fresh Flowers And Bouquet

Fresh cut flowers arrangement and keeping them fresh for longer time is a technique itself. If you are frustrated and not able to keep your beautiful flower bouquet for many days then follow these tips-,

Cutting the stem: Before placing the floral stem in the water, cut or trim the stem one to two inches at bottom. Cut in an angle using a garden shear or sharp scissor. Cutting stem in an angle helps the stem to absorb and carry water up to the flower. After 2-3 days you can cut the stem half an inch again to keep flowers fresh.

Removing leaves: Before immersing stem in the water, remove those leaves that are below water line. Immersing the leaves in water results in decaying of leaves and growth of microbes that impact stem and flower freshness. Daily check and remove any fallen petals or leaf in water.

Avoid direct sunlight and heat: Place the vase in a spot where there is no direct sunlight hits the flower. Avoid exposing to heat or cool vent as it leads to dehydration of flowers.

Avoid keeping near ripened fruits: Ripened fruits produce small amount of ethylene gas that could cause withering of flowers. Fruits like banana, tomatoes and apples produce ethylene gas while ripening that interfere in blooming and freshness of flowers.

Vase selection: Choosing a wrong size or wrong shape vase results in crushing or falling of stems. If the stem fits and sits nicely in the vase mouth then it is going to be good arrangement. Or chose a vase that is half size of the floral stem. Always use a clean vase for floral arrangement.

Fresh floral bouquet tips

Remove wilted flower and stem: Some flowers lost longer than others. Removing browned stem and wilted flowers helps to keep other stems and flowers fresh and long. Brown stem releases phenolic compound that is not good for floral arrangement.

Types of solution mixes to keep flowers longer: Water source plays an important role in keeping flowers fresh. If your tap water contains higher levels of chlorine then avoid tap water and use filtered water.

-Water and plant food: Most bouquets come with pocket of plant food. Mix the plant food with room temperature water or lukewarm water. This will dissolve food properly. Don’t make it too concentrated solution. You can change the water every 2 days.

-Apple cider vinegar and sugar: Mix these two ingredients in water 1:1 combination.

Tips for cut flower freshness

-Aspirin: Crush one aspirin and add it to vase. Aspirin helps to lower pH level that prevents wilting of both leaves and flowers.

-Soda and water: Add 2 Tablespoon soda to water and mix well. Then place the flower stems. Best soda is lemon or lime soda!

-Keeping in fridge: some recommended keeping bouquet wrapped in a wet paper towel or newspaper and placing it overnight in fridge. This keeps flowers fresh and long.

Some people mix few drops of bleach or vodka in the water. Bleach keeps bacteria away. However if you have children or pets we don’t recommend using these as solutions. 

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: May 3, 2023

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