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Mango Leaves For Diabetes And Other Conditions

Everyone knows how tasty mango fruit is! Flavor of ripened mango fruit travels far and tender mango when cut yields fragrance that makes mouth watery!

Ripened mango fruit contains fiber and sugar. Eating few mangos during season is good. Tender mangoes are used in pickle, to make chutney, in dishes etc. Do you know mango tree  bark, stem, roots, fruits and leaves all have medicinal values? Mango leaves in traditional medicines and home remedies are used in treating diabetes and many other health conditions. In Indian traditions mango leaves are used in festivals during offerings and for decorations. Mango leaves bring color to festivals. in addition, mark beginning of spring in Asian countries.

What makes mango leaves medicinal? Leaves of mango contain terpenoid which is essential for immune syste. It contains polyphenols – Mangiferin which is responsible for most of mango leaves health properties.

Mango leaves are used in following remedies:

  1. Tender, young mango leaves tastes slightly bitter, can be eaten raw, prepare tea and add with veggie salad.
  2. Leaves help to treat diabetes.
  3. Mango leaves extract helps to reduce weight – Mango leaves tea (prepared using young leaves) acts like green tea.
  4. Antioxidants present in mango leaves helps to reduce inflammation and protects cells.
  5. Extract from the leaves helps to bring down obesity, fat, and control blood sugar.
  6. Mango leaves known to have anticancer properties.
  7. Hypotensive property of mango leaves helps in lowering blood pressure and improves blood vessel function.
  8. Mango leaves powder is used in skin ailment. Mango leaves can be used for curing skin burns and rashes.
  9. For hair health – young mango leaves mixed with hibiscus leaves nourishes hair and scalp. Flavonoids present in mango leaves prevents premature grey hair, increases collagen production.
  10. Mango leaves control hiccups and reduces stomach ulcer.
  11. Mango leaves are used in Ayurveda to treat kidney stones and gall stones.

To use mango leaves:

-One can eat tender mango leaves

-To make tea follow these steps:

  • Take about ten fresh, young red-green bright colored mango leaves.
  • Chop leaves into small pieces.
  • Add cut pieces into tea infuser and wait for 2-3 minutes.
  • Pour water from infuser to cup, add few drops honey or raw sugar and drink.

-Chewing few (5-6) tender leaves in empty stomach could help in bringing down fat and obesity.

-For skin glow – burn few mango leaves, collect ashes. Prepare paste with water or apply ash as it is. Leave it for few minutes, wash using warm water.

-For hair growth – prepare powder or use fresh leaves. Apply powder paste on hair and leave it for ten minutes. Wash hair using herbal shampoo. If you are using fresh leaves, boil leaves with hibiscus leaves and apply the water on hair like shampoo and wash.

-For blood sugar – Boil water, add few leaves. Allow it to cool overnight, drink this water in empty stomach in the morning before breakfast.

-Wash and dry mango leaves. Prepare powder, add a tsp to one cup of water. Mix and leave it overnight. Drink this in morning.

-Inhaling mango leaves controls hiccups.

-Including tender leaves in salad or chewing the leaves reduces stomach ulcer.

Before consuming mango leaves for any preexisting condition, please talk to your doctor.

Image credit: Image by Siva prasad from Pixabay (cc by 0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 13, 2023

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