House cleaning tips for pet owners

House cleaning tips for pet owners

Pets are adorable, cute, obedient, lunatic, and messy! We all love them so much that we don’t mind them running inside the house and making a mess.

How to handle pets mess and keep house clean?

Here are few house cleaning tips for pet owners from grandma.

  1. Air your house – When you have pets inside, pet odor can bother causing allergies. As much as you can, open your doors and windows and let cross ventilation function. During winter open doors, windows at least for 10 minutes. This allows fresh air to remove pet odor.
  2. Keep your pet clean: Cats mostly clean themselves and once a while need attention. With dogs it is going to be a mess. That is the way they are. A quick wash down with or without pet shampoo will help. Use de-shedding or trimming if needed and groom pet’s hair. They love grooming anyway!
  3. Place old towel or a bed sheet or buy a small proper bed for your dog. Try water resistant beds that are easy to clean. For cats too make a separate place and train them as much as possible to use the place. Often shake the bed, sheet to remove the hair and then toss it in the washing machine. Do not mix your cloths with pet’s belongings. Groom your pets to reduce hair issues.
  4. Get proper vacuum cleaner that pick-up hair and removes odor. Vacuum house or broom the house in different directions. Use extra strong suction, quality filter and good brush vacuum cleaner to pull hair. Vacuum your furniture too. Clean vacuum cleaner regularly
  5. Talking about your furniture, if you have a sofa that is not pet friendly, you had it. Wrong fabric attracts pet hair like magnet and results in unpleasant odor. Eventually pet hair can be seen all over your dress. Look for tightly woven material while replacing or buying a new set of chairs. If weather lets where you live, go for wooden furniture. If you cannot replace your furniture place throw or sheets on the furniture.
  6. Take dog out for walk to ease themselves. Don’t forget to carry litter bags with you and discard it in trash after you pick up the waste. Walking also gives exercise for their body. If you have cat then use litter box and dispose litter when it needs a change. Similarly, if you have caged animals and birds take proper precautions to clean their cage. Use gloves when you are picking up and cleaning the litter.
  7. While cleaning pets use a designated area and set up a cleaning station. Store all the necessary pet cleaning items properly where pet cannot reach. Use a heavy-duty doormat, dog towels and wipes. When pet comes inside home make sure they stand on door mat (try training your dog!) and clean muddy paws using water spray.
  8. Clean your pet’s belongings regularly. Use washing machine if you can or wash by hand. As much as possible dry pet belonging under bright Sun to remove unpleasant odors.
  9. To neutralize pet odors, use baking soda and vinegar. Vinegar helps in removal of nauseating odor. Baking soda with lime also good for pet toys and beds.
  10. In many households, pets are free enter most rooms including kitchen and dining room. Use proper sterilization methods and clean the dining area, counter tops with good cleaning agents. Keep a separate bowl to feed your pet. Do not mix up pet bowl with your dishes.

Pets are also family members. Keeping them clean is critical for pets as well as our health. Take necessary action if your pet is sick, visit vet and get advice. Treat your pet well and keep your house happy!

Image credit: Image by Bao_5 from Pixabay  (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 17, 2018

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