Indoor Hydroponic veg garden by IKEA

Indoor Hydroponic veg garden by IKEA

The furniture retailer Ikea has introduced a product to grow indoor veg garden.

It is based on hydroponic technology where we don’t use soil to grow plants.

Water is filled with nutrients to make it viable to cultivate plants.

Hydroponic is easy to grow plant technology system that require light, nutrient and water. These three components are easily adjustable and hydroponic devices helps to fine tune the growing condition. These fine adjustments make process less water intensive. Plants will be viable year around.


Many vegetables that are widely available in the market can be grown using hydroponic technique indoor. The absorbent foam plugs in Ikea system enable seeds to spout and then proceed to keep seeds moist without over-watering them. After seed germination the entire foam plug need to be transferred to small pots with pumice stones which retains lot of water.


Pots later can be transferred to a growing tray that is equipped with solar lamp for the growth of plants with necessary illumination. The system is successful because plants can be grown in room without sunlight!


The design that Ikea came up with is KRYDDA/VAXER SERIES – a design born with collaboration with agriculture scientists in Sweden with targeting audiences who live in smaller apartments and don’t have garden or who cannot afford to buy fresh produce during long winter months. It is ideal for minimal place.

Images: Google, IKEA


Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: April 16, 2018

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