Tips to grill vegetables

Tips to grill vegetables

Grilling vegetables is easy. It is an easy and better way to consume vegetables.

However, one should know how to grill vegetables properly.

Under or over grilled vegetables does not taste good.

Here are tips to grill vegetables.

  1. Use grill basket or a skewer for small vegetables and small cut vegetable pieces: If you grill cherry tomatoes, small radish, zucchini rounds or mushrooms handling them can be challenging as they easily roll around. Pierce them on skewer and place them in grill basket or aluminum foil (fold in the form of a basket) to prevent them falling.
  2. Cut vegetables: If you are grilling eggplant, squash, larger onions or any other large vegetables cut them into long thin pieces. This will help you to grill them fast.
  3. Cook vegetables in packets: Waiting for vegetables to grill needs some patience. When you have dense vegetables like potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, place them in aluminum foil. Spray little oil and cover them individually or in bulk. While covering leave bit of opening on one side like a pocket. Place on grill and cook. Check in between.
  4. Kebabs: If you are planning to grill kebabs – pair soft vegetables together in a pocket and hard vegetables together in another one.
  5. Temperature: Always pre- heat grill 15 to 20 minutes prior you start grilling vegetables. Ideal temperature is 400-450 F. Brush of grill rack before using it. This way any residue that is sitting from previous cooking will go away.
  6. Seasoning: Try different seasonings – chilli and lime, chilli, garlic and soy, Garlic and thyme, spice orange – these seasoning go well for grilled vegetables. You can also coat veggies in light olive oil and sprinkle salt and pepper before placing in grill.
  7. Oil: Before placing vegetables on the grill, oil vegetables lightly and coat them. Do not use too much oil to avoid greasy smell. Applying oil helps the seasoning to stick to vegetables uniformly.
  8. Charcoal vs gas grill: Charcoal grill is traditional type and contributes a different flavor for grilled vegetables. People prefer the taste of smoke. It produces more carbon monoxide and ash. If you want tasty grilled vegetables go with charcoal. Use additive free lump charcoal or charred wood. Use a chimney starter to initiate flame. Gas grill is easy to clean and taste may not be that good.

Enjoy your summer with outdoor grilling!

Image by RitaE from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: August 27, 2020

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