Sweater cleaning tips

How to take care of sweaters

Soon fall will followed by winter season. Are you ready to face cold weather? If you are not already, then get ready with sweaters that you might want to wear in the cold seasons. How to clean and get ready with your favorite sweater? Here are few tips.

Winter time we wear sweaters  and sweaters needs cleaning. It is an effort but is worth effort. Sweaters need special attention because after wearing couple of times they tend to look old and dirty. Cleaning sweater is easy.

How to take care of sweaters ?

Fold sweaters: Never hand sweaters. Hanging will not only spoil shape also will stretch the length.

Remove hair, dandruff, and lint: Using soft hairbrush (baby hairbrush will do), softly brush on sweater to remove unwanted particles sitting on sweater. It makes sweater attractive and gives fresh look.

Change sweater alternate days: Wearing same sweater everyday will add perspiration, stain and sweater will lose its shape. If affordable buy couple of sweaters and wear alternate days.

Wash by hands: Most sweaters need hand wash unless it is given in the instruction. Read instruction carefully. Generally, it is recommended to wash sweaters ever four wears unless there is heavy stain, spill or sweat.  Use lukewarm or cool water with gentle soap water to wash. Fill bucket with water and add soap. Using cool water helps to keep the color and embroideries intact. Let sweater soak for 15 mins. Turn sweater inside out and using both hands slowly rinse sweater. Do not wring sweater as it spoils shape. Gently squeeze and place it on a dry towel to remove excess water. Dry on clean towel placing it flat.  Stretched sweaters can be put in dryer on high heat to bring back to original size.

  • Cashmere sweaters: Wash using hands. Avoid dry cleaning
  • Cotton sweater: Use gentle cycle to wash cotton material and air dry to keep shape. If the sweater is more fragile then, wash using hands.
  • Wool: Wool sweaters can be washing using washing machines. Use gentle cycle and cool water. Dry properly, if not wool will give odd odor.
  • Chenille sweater: Never use washing machine

How to remove lint: All types of sweaters will give up lint based on the fabric type. To remove lint, use a simple razor or a manual pill remover.

How to remove itchiness from sweater? Use liquid fabric softener and rinse thoroughly in cool water.

Using steam to remove wrinkles: When sweater is dry, gently steam to remove wrinkles.

Storing sweater: Fold sweaters properly and stack them. Do not keep any strong chemicals near sweater. Store sweaters after drying, do not store damp sweater. Damp sweater can attract moth and fungus – both will spoil fabric. To preserve sweater shape keep them folded in drawers or shelves. You can fold and place on hanger but do not hang. During summer use breathable clothing bags or boxes to store. This will help to avoid growth of mildew.

Image credit: Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 17, 2020

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