Indoor plant care tips

Indoor plants fall care tips

During fall and winter, indoor plants face tough time and struggle to survive. As temperature drops down inside the house and freezes outside house plants face several issues.  Between 4-6 months of winter time, take good care of indoor plants because they help us by producing fresh clean air and by being green will give positive vibes during gloomy weather condition. Keeping indoor plants happy and healthy helps you to overcome seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Follow these indoor plants care tips and keep them happy and plants will long last.

Tips to take care indoor plants in harsh cold weather.

  1. Preparing plants for indoor: Before bringing plants inside for the winter (like tropical plants and ferns), wash the pots, gently trim the plants, remove dead leaves and stem. Check for any type of insects that could be present on leaves and stem.
  2. Cut down watering: During fall and winter, plant does not need that much water.  When you are in doubt, check the soil moisture just half an inch below the surface. If moisture is low, then water plants. Water dripping: Place plates under pots to avoid water dripping (in case) on floor that can cause white mark that is hard to remove.
  3. Do not re-pot: All your re-potting should be done before end of summer. Do not re-pot indoor plants during winter as their root strength is low and plants are mostly in hibernating process. Wait till the spring to re-pot plants.
  4. Clean leaves: Using soft cloth clean leaf surface, remove dust. If leaves are small, lightly dust them. Dust can interfere with plant health and can weaken the system causing disease to plants.
  5. Keep in sunlight: Place plants near windows or glass doors where enough sunlight enters. Plants will survive through winter if they get good sunlight.
  6. No breeze and drafts: Plants must be kept away from chill conditions. Do not open the windows or doors near plants. Check for cold air infiltration where you keep plants. Cold and chill air kills the plants.
  7. Humidifier: Air inside home will be dry due to heater and winter air. Run humidifier near the plants or keep humidifier on for at least few hours for plants sake.
  8. Fertilizers: Use crystal or solid fertilizers like Miraclegrow for plants instead of liquid fertilizers. Solid, crystal fertilizers come a long way and dissolves slowly and is enough for next few months.
  9. Pest control: Keep an eye on delicate plants because they tend to host pests. If you find any insects and mites, scale insects etc, separate those plants and treat them immediately.
  10. During vacation: In case you are going on a vacation for few days, put little extra water for plants and make sure the sunlight still falls on plants by keeping curtain slightly open or blinds open in an angle so that sunlight falls on plants.
  11. Grow light: If you live in places where day light becomes too short, buy LED grow light and place near plant to give energy.
  12. Temperature: Maintain temperature between 65-75 F for indoor plants. Most tropical plants love bit heat and good moisture.


Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: October 5, 2020

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