Small container gardening tips

Small container gardening tips

Love gardening but don’t have enough space ? Then try small container gardening using bottles, tea cups & small containers with following tips.

Plant selection:

It is important to select correct plant species if you are planning a small container garden.

1)Succulents – small succulents like cacti, jade, Aloe, hens & chicks, Agave are best. Different types of cacti make it very beautiful and need less water. When planting succulents make sure to buy potting mix especially made for cacti and succulents

2) Ferns & masses – Small ferns make it very attractive and masses give green look.

3)Bulb plants – Small orchids, daffodils,

4) Herbs – Herbs like cilantro, chive, Rosemary, mint etc

How to plant?

  1. Small container to hold one plant: Spoon a little potting mix into the glass. Add little gravel. Depending on the size of the plant add potting mix. Place the plant and add little more planting mix. Place little amount of mass near the plant to hold moisture.
  2. Tea cups: If you are using tea cups, add a table spoon of gravel in the bottom and little amount of potting mix. Position the succulent in the cup and fill round the edges with more potting mix. Sprinkle little more gravel around the plant. Don’t water-log the cup. If water sits beneath, it kills the plant. You can plant cacti or any other succulents in tea cup garden.
  3. Succulents terrarium: Create a base layer using vermiculite. Vermiculite helps to drain water. Add a layer of potting soil. Place assorted succulents and surround with little more potting soil. Place small pebbles, stones and mass. Succulents does not need much water either.
  4. Terrarium with glass bowl: Place little activated charcoal and soil potting mix on top. Then place pebbles around the potting mix. Add more potting soil ( select potting soil based on your choice of plants). Place your choice of plants like small ferns, peperomia, mass, air plant on top of the potting mix. Sprinkle water.
  5. Terrarium with air plants: Select a container like old coffee pot or empty small bottle. Place few gravels. Keep moss. Place air plants. Air plants does need much of water. Once a while you need to hold them under running tap water or sprinkle water on them.

After planting keep the containers where enough light is available for plants to sustain and grow. Once in few months, replace the soil and clean the container and enjoy the plant beauty at home! Gardening whether inside home or outside home, always keeps mind and body relaxed and happy!

Grandma’s tips:


Image credit: Image by manseok Kim from Pixabay (Free for commercial use)

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: February 14, 2018

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