15 Easy cooking tips

15 Easy cooking tips

This week grandma has some more cooking tips that makes your life easy while cooking in kitchen.

Add these 15 easy cooking tips to your list and keep it handy.

  1. While cooking lentil add a tea spoon of cooking oil with water. Adding little oil helps lentil to cook properly.
  2. Before boiling milk rinse vessel in water once. Little water vapor in milk container avoids cream sticking to container side.
  3. To remove extra salt from soup or sambar add few pieces of potato and boil the dish.
  4. To avoid eggplant turning black, put few one or two tsp of milk in water and immerse cut pieces in this water containing milk.
  5. To avoid smashing eggplant while cooking, after immersing water remove pieces and dry them on a paper towel for couple of hours.
  6. While frying fritters add a tea spoon of clarified butter (ghee) in oil. Oil will not splash due to change in density.
  7. While boiling potato add little salt. This will make peeling boiled potato skin easy.
  8. While preparing tea, add little ginger, black pepper and cardamom powder. This gives good taste as well as reduces mouth odor.
  9. Soak entire onion in cold water for few minutes and then proceed with cutting. This reduces your crying!
  10. Planning to cook pasta? Presoak pasta in a sealed bag in water for few minutes and pasta cooks well.
  11. While preparing pastry dough, grate frozen butter straight in the dough. This makes butter distribution even in dough.
  12. Have an apple slicer? Use it for cutting potato into perfect, equal shape.
  13. Avoid using glass cutting boards. They take away knife sharpness and also can be slippery to cut certain vegetables and fruits.
  14. If a recipe/dessert calls for chocolate chips, instead of buying chocolate chips, cut a chocolate bar, it gives unequal distribution of chocolate pieces and makes it more attractive.
  15. To keep lemons for many days, store them in refrigerator. Before using, place them in warm water and then cut to get more juice.

Grandma’s tips: www.healthylife.werindia.com

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: March 5, 2018

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