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Perfume your home naturally with these plants

Plant fragrances helps us to overcome many conditions related to mind. Aroma of plants helps us to keep calm, reduces anxiety, depression, brings alertness to brain and reduces stress. Instead of spaying synthetic air freshers, grow plants that helps your health.

Apart from rose there are many plants that produce good natural perfume.

These plants can be grown in pots or directly in the garden soil. Open the windows when they flower and the fragrance travels inside the house to make your day! Following plants helps you to perfume your home natural ways!!

Lavender perfume

  1. Lemon balm: Belongs to mint family. When leaves are rubbed between fingertips releases lemony scent. It is easy to grow lemon balm in pots. Place the pots near window and get benefits from its aromatic property.
  2. Plumeria: Is a small beautiful tree famously reminds us of Hawaii and Caribbean islands. Flowers are not only beautiful also highly fragrant especially during night time.
  3. Scented leaf geranium: Thick leaves of Pelargonium or scented leaf geranium when rubbed produces strong and sweet fragrance. Pot and keep them in bright sun.jasmine-gardenia-perfume-healthylife-werindia
  4. Lavender: Purple flowers in spike is a famous aromatic plant. English lavender has more aroma than other lavenders. It likes sunlight so, grow them in pots and keep in bright sun.
  5. Lilac: Lilacs are used as cut flowers for decoration. They produce sweet aroma that travels far long distance.
  6. Passionflower: Especially blue passionflower produces scent to attract bees. The colorful sepals and petals make it attractive and gives out minty, fruity aroma.Citrus perfume
  7. Jasmine: Known for its irresistible fragrance and beauty common jasmine or poet’s jasmine is very popular. Fragrance emitted by the flowers spreads to wide area. Flowers bloom throughout summer.
  8. Gardenia: Beautiful and gorgeous flowers of gardenia is one of the most wanted flowers for garden. When flowers it produces sweetest fragrant blooms. Growing gardenia is bit tricky, however if you are up to challenge try growing them in garden or in larger pots.
  9. Stephanotis: A beautiful plant Stephanotis has bright white fragrant flowers. Plant is a vine and flowers appear in cluster. It is good indoor plant.
  10. Citrus: Fruits and floral buds of citrus plants produce sweet aroma. One can grow dwarfed miniature trees of any type of citrus in large pots under good sunlight.
  11. Onicidum orchid: Also known as twinkle orchid, oncidium produces flowers that are emit spicy vanilla scent. It is easy to grow onicidum in pot under good sunlight.
  12. Ylang-ylang: A tropical plant yalng- yalng is one earliest known perfume tree in history. Essential oil of this plant has sedative effect and brings good sleep. Greenish-yellow flowers blooms profusely year round, producing exotic fragrance to the far long distances.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: April 25, 2019

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