Kitchen pantry zone

Kitchen pantry organization ideas

Kitchen pantry gets cluttered when we stock lot of groceries. A messy pantry can cost money as we might lose sight of expiring foods, might buy grocery that is already present, or food can get spoiled easily if not noticed. Better solution for keeping pantry organized is, divide your pantry into zones. This also helps you to reduce time.

  • Decide different zones in pantry as per your convenience and label each zone -like breakfast, lunch, dinner, cereal, condiments, spices etc.
  • Separate those food ingredients based on the categories of food that you commonly cook. For example, weekdays lunch and dinner items one side, condiments in one place, baking items in one place etc. Don’t forget to label each zone.
  • Keep kids snacks in one rack of the pantry. This could also include kids school lunch snack items too.
  • Cereals, bread, extra jam, nut butters, biscuits and other breakfast items (like waffle ingredients) can be kept together
  • Apart from edible items, you can also plan to store few utensils, lunch bags,  toothpicks, napkins, few extra forks and spoons on one shelf.
  • Baking supplies can be in one zone.
  • Ingredients that should not be exposed to air must be kept in one zone and must be stored in airtight containers.
  • Keep all dry fruits and nuts in one zone – cashew, peanut, raisin, dates, figs etc.
  • Store all types of lentils, rice, whole wheat and other types of grains in one zone.
  • Keep oil containers together in lower shelf for easy access
  • If you plan your meals ahead, then use bins to store a week worth ingredient needed for your cooking. When you are ready to cook, all items will be available in one place.
  • Keep all cans – veggie cans, soup cans etc. in one zone for easy access
  • Keep all types of flours, sugar and salt containers together in a zone.
  • On the back of the pantry door, put few hooks and hang specialty appliances such as barbecue utensils, roller, strainer etc.
  • All spices and condiments can be kept together on one shelf
  • Keep chips, tortilla chips, sun dried items that needs frying (like vadam) etc in one zone

Your kitchen needs a pantry and pantry should be kept clean and organized for easy cooking and to save time. Try to zone your pantry and organize items according to your needs. This will make your life easy and better!

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 7, 2019

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