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9 Cleaning tips to control stomach bugs in winter

Grandma’s basic 9 Cleaning tips to control stomach bugs this winter

  1. Wash produces: To prevent illness wash all vegetables and fruits that you bring from outside – shop, garden, farm, vegetable market, vendor – Many vegetables and fruit skin harbor microorganisms, bugs, and worms on the surface. Soak vegetables in little baking soda water followed by a thorough wash in clean water.
  2. Clean hands: Simple method to prevent many illnesses is to wash hands before touching any types of foods. Give close attention to your child’s hand washing skills.
  3. Cleaning areas: Clean areas that could harbor germs including kitchen counter top, center table, dining table, kitchen floor, toilets, bathrooms, sinks – disinfect using sprays.
  4. Chopping board: Many stomach problems occur because of microorganisms present on vegetables. After cutting vegetables use good dish soap or antibacterial spray to clean chopping board, knife and air dry both.
  5. Food storage: To protect from food poisoning, learn how to store several types of food inside refrigerator. Make sure your refrigerator temperature is cold enough to store all cooked and fresh foods.
  6. Cooking: Thorough cooking helps to ensure all the bugs go away. During winter time some of the bugs hibernate in rough skin of vegetables. If not peeled properly vegetable skin can have eggs, spores, round worms etc. Improper cooking directly takes those bugs to stomach causing various problems
  7. Plates and dishes: Rinse and wash dinner plates, cups, spoons etc and heat dry if possible. Any food material left unwashed will attract microorganism and left unnoticed can enter our system
  8. Wash kitchen towels: Kitchen towels needs washing often as they get dirty with stains, foods and hand wiping.
  9. Clean after sickness: It is very important and critical to clean after sickness of a family member at home.  Winter stomach bug norovirus can spread to other family members. Cleaning rooms, toilets using disinfectants helps not to spread germs within family. Wash all clothes, sheets separately and clean surfaces that met sick person.

Once a while open the windows 10 to 15 minutes during winter time and let Sunshine enter the house with fresh air. Fresh air replaces old air filled with winter germs present in house.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 24, 2021

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