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Homemade, scented vinegar for cleaning

Vinegar is a great source for multi surface cleaning.

There are many ways to use white vinegar for various purposes.

One best application of white vinegar at home is for cleaning.

In fact, it is one of safest cleaning liquid that we can use in place of harsh chemicals.

If you are bored with smell of white vinegar then try homemade scented vinegar to clean glass, counter top, kitchen cabinet and bathroom.

  1. Orange scented vinegar: Add orange peel to vinegar and leave it for few hours. Use the it to remove grease and tough stain from various surfaces. For one liter of vinegar you would need a one cup of orange peel. It gives good and fresh scent.
  2. Rosemary scented vinegar: Add about 10 sprigs of fresh rosemary to one-liter vinegar. Leave it for couple of hours. It is a good antibacterial cleaner works great on tabletops, center tables, kitchen tops, bathroom sink tops.
  3. Lemon scented vinegar: Add Lemon peel to one-liter vinegar. Leave it for couple of hours. Use lemon scented vinegar to clean glass surface, mirror surface, dinner table, cutting boards and to clean fridge surface.
  4. Pine scented vinegar: Add few pine clippings extracted from pine tree or bush to vinegar. Leave it overnight to transfer pine odor to vinegar. Use pine scented vinegar to clean wooden flooring, tables, cabinets, wooden furniture.
  5. Mint scented vinegar: Add few mint leaves in vinegar and leave it for few hours. Use mint scented vinegar to clean kitchen countertop, table, dishwasher surface, cabinet surface etc.


  • Do not use vinegar to clean kitchen granite top
  • You don’t need to have exact proportion of ingredients to prepare these cleaner. Infusion timing is your preference
  • Don’t buy cheap white vinegar as it can harm surfaces
  • Use glass bottles to put scented vinegar. Use mason jars
  • You can use few drops of essential oils instead of peels and leaves

Reference: www.werindia.com

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: April 5, 2018

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