Rust stain removal tips

Tips to remove rust stain at home

Rust stains not only spoil the look of items, we might have to end up discarding or trashing the items or end up replacing the items. Iron and iron alloys can get rust when exposed to moisture as well as air. When rust come in contact with many materials including clothes, it can leave behind stains that won’t come off easily. One can use commercial stain remover to remove rust stain. However, the chemicals that are present in the commercial stain removers can be harsh and exposing ourselves to harsh chemicals can make us sick. Try these tips to remove rust stains at home with easily available non-harmful materials.

  1. Rust stain from knife: Take a large onion and plunge the knife few times in onion. Strong natural chemicals present in onion can help to remove stain.
  2. Surface rust: Mix turpentine and salt – use a old cloth and apply the mix on surface.
  3. From porcelain dish: Apply toothpaste using old toothbrush and brush the stain.
  4. Ceramic tiles: Use hydrogen peroxide and tartar- mix 3:2 of hydrogen peroxide and cream of tartar and prepare paste. Using a sponge apply paste on rust stain. Let it sit for few minutes. Scrub using a brush and wash with water.
  5. Metal boxes: Use car wax to clean the metal box and remove rust
  6. Iron skillet: Place coffee filter to absorb moisture that prevents rusting.
  7. Stainless steel: Apply lighter liquid using a old cloth and rub it on the surface followed by washing liquid.
  8. On many surfaces: Mix lemon juice and salt, prepare paste. Apply the mix on rust stain. Let it sit for few minutes (an hour). Wipe using dry cloth. The abrasive properties of both salt and acid removes the stain.
  9.  Floor and carpet: Mix vinegar and salt in a bowl. Saturate a cloth with the mix and rub it over the stain or leave soaked cloth on surface for an hour or so. The action of vinegar and salt is like lemon juice and salt – both are abrasive and act on stain.
  10. Kitchen stainless steel sink: A dash of friendly baking soda helps to remove rust from stainless steel. It has abrasive property and clears rust. Prepare baking soda paste with water, apply on the rust. Use a paper towel and clean after few minutes.
  11. Fabric rust stain: Use white vinegar or lemon juice. Place the fabric on a towel. Saturate the stain with white vinegar or lemon juice. Using another towel blot the area. Put clothes to dry under Sunlight. Sunlight helps to fade the any left behind mark.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: November 29, 2019

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