How To Trap Fruit Flies Naturally?

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies Naturally?

Often we find flies in the kitchen flying and sitting on fruits and vegetables.  Fruit flies love ripened fruits and vegetables.  Nobody likes to see them on foods as it is not only unhealthy also irritating and disgusting.  Some suggestions here to get rid of those fruit flies naturally in a very inexpensive way.

Do you know that mother fruit flies lay about 200-300 eggs at a time? They love rotting fruit to do so. Once the babies hatch they start buzzing around for about 2 weeks.

Some tips to control fruit flies naturally and it does not cost you much..

1) Use apple cider vinegar and dish soap:  Mix 1/2 cup vinegar and few drops of dish soap liquid and put it in a bottle. Prepare a paper funnel and insert in the bottle mouth.  If you have a over ripened fruit take a piece of it and put it in the mix. Keep it near fruits and you will see flies jumping inside the bottle! Dish soap does not allow them to fly back and traps flies.

2) Fruit and plastic wrap: Take a glass jar and a plastic wrap. Place a couple of pieces of ripened banana and some other fruits inside the bottle. Add little soapy water.  Cover the mouth with a plastic wrap. Take a toothpick and poke few holes in the wrap. Set it near the fruits.  Flies enter the bottle and are trapped !

3) Grape juice or red wine trap: If you have left over red wine, use it to trap flies. If you don’t have red wine don’t worry… get grapes and prepare concentrated juice.  Add one of this to bottle along with little soap water. Use plastic wrap as described above and ta…da…. flies are trapped!

4) Glue and banana trap: Mix glue and banana and spread it on a piece of cardboard sheet or thick glassy paper. Hang this near the fruit basket. Flies get stuck to glue and die!

5) Milk, sugar and pepper: Yes, you heard it right! Simmer all three ingredients (2 cups of milk, -1/4 pound of raw sugar and one oz of ground pepper). Pour the mixture into several bottles and keep in places where flies are appearing. Flies gets attracted to sugar and milk scent and will be trapped in the thick liquid. You can also add few drops of dish soap into it.

6) Yeast, a pinch of sugar- Mix two ingredients in warm water and transfer to a bottle with plastic wrap with holes.  Yeast and sugar attracts the flies and gets trapped!

7) Clove and fruits: Stick 20 to 30 cloves into apple or banana or oranges. Do not remove the skin of fruits. Place these fruits in places where there are flies.  The strong smell of cloves will keep flies  away, so they won’t enter the area.

8) Other tips:

  • Fruit flies breed even in the drains. Add vinegar, dish soap into hot water and pour in the drain.
  • Keep the drain area dry and clean
  • Remove garbage regularly
  • To garbage can add few drops of vinegar and clean.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: December 1, 2016

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