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Don’t Store These 12 Foods In Refrigerator

We have a tendency to store most foods inside refrigerator including fruits, left overs, bread etc., for freshness and to stay longer. Not all foods can remain fresh by keeping inside fridge. Some foods cannot stay longer in cold temperature, as ingredients cannot withstand cold temperatures. These foods texture, taste and flavor will change making them not consumable. Here is the list:

1.       Banana: Banana fruit has cooling effect on body. Eating cold banana causes phlegm and cold and can upset digestive system. Warm temperature helps banana to finish ripening naturally.

2.       Honey: Honey has multiple health benefits. Storing honey inside refrigerator not only solidifies causing crystallization, it also makes honey thick, dark and it will look like sludge.  Best way to store honey is in room temperature in a ceramic container and not in metal container.

3.       Oil: Not all cooking oils can be stored in fridge. Storing oil in the fridge can cause oil to turn cloudy and could solidify. It is better to store oils in cool, dark cabinet. Check label what temperature oil that you use should be stored.

4.       Garlic: Never keep garlic in refrigerator. If garlic is aged, it will release strong odor that could pass onto other foods stored inside. Storing garlic in fridge damages garlic taste.

5.       Potato: If stored in cool place potatoes sprout, keeping in fridge will make them sprout faster. Sprouted potatoes contain high levels of glycoalkaloids, eating of which could lead to stomach and nervous system problems. Same with sweet potatoes – do not store them in fridge.

6.       Coffee: Coffee looses its flavor and picks up flavor from other foods. Storing coffee in refrigerator makes it stale. Storing coffee in dry place, away from sunlight prolongs shelf life

7.       Bread: Have you ever noticed? Storing bread in cold fridge makes it stale and dry. Sandwiches does not taste good either. Store bread in pantry or in bread basket.

8.       Melons:  Fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe should be kept in a fruit basket. Storing these fruits inside fridge without cutting will lead to “chill injury” that alters the taste as well as color.

9.       Mangoes: Should not be kept in fridge without cutting. Cut mangoes can be kept inside but not full ripened mango. Cold slows down ripening and spoil mangoes.

10.   Avocado: Sometimes it is hard make out whether avocado is ripened or not. Keeping unripen avocados will give hard time for the fruit to complete ripening process. Store them in a basket.

11.   Herbs: Kitchen herbs like rosemary, thyme, basil, mint should be cut at base and dip the end in jar containing room temperature. If there is any change in fridge temperature, leave of fresh herbs will lose flavor and crystallize.

12.   Onion: Use old method to store onions, a onion basket in cool, dark place. Onions will become damp and soggy, and ultimately spoil if left in the fridge.  Transfer left over cut onions to a air tight container or a Ziploc and store in refrigerator- away from milk, yogurt, butter and cheese.

Image credit: Photo by Ello on Unsplash  (CC by 0) & Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash (CC by 0)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: January 27, 2022

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