What makes a person unattractive?

What makes a person unattractive?

Beauty of a person depends on their behavior and positive outlook that they have towards life. Spreading happiness is also a beauty of person. If face is beautiful it is not enough, it is important to have a good soul, good mind and consideration about others.  Situations of a person – going through lots of stress, difficulty and abuses makes a person more strong and tough. Similarly, what happened in our past or our bitter experiences – dealing with divorce, abuse or teenage trauma etc makes a person to be harsh.  We can be strong inside, however we should show concern, selfless action, and kindness to people and to animals that are helpless -these are all few examples that make a person more beautiful.   After all, how long the external beauty lost? It is not forever. The inner beauty -It is what we are made of inside our soul is what people remember.  When we create a connection between positive thoughts to kindness (in our action) and provide help – it makes a person more beautiful!

Sometime we should think why people do not like us.  Until and unless someone tells us we may not realize what is that we are doing that is developing a drift between relationships. If you notice anyone of the below mentioned behavior and thinking then it is time to change for better. Remember, “Changing is hard but the end result is sweet”.

1. Self absorbed – Narcissism

Many people just focus on solely on themselves. Many people do this without realizing it. They only talk about them self, do not care what others are feeling or talking about. For them only one thing matters – it is all about themselves. Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity or egotistic admiration of one’s own attributes. These kinds of people think about- only that matters to them. This kind of behavior throws people out, and people do not want to be associated with them. If you have this personality then it is time to change.

2. Selfishness

Some people are full of selfishness – whatever they do, they look for something beneficial for themselves. These people demonstrate a disregard for others and openly express their need to devote all their energy to their own agenda. It does not matter who is suffering, what can be the consequences- selfish people go to an extent to destroy career, family, friendship of people.

3. Outer beauty is important for you

The physical appearance is temporary and sooner we realize this is the better. This does not mean that one should not look beautiful. It means do not give too much importance to outside beauty. In the process of focusing on outside beauty, you will lose lot of positive aspects in your life. Some people look beautiful outside and once they open their mouth you will hear abusive words, negative comment, too much gossiping. This does not do well to anybody. Once people understand your behavior they do not want to come anywhere near you.

4. Always in competition and want to be the best

Whether it is inside classroom, working place, sports, shopping- there are people who always would like to show that they are the best in whatever they do. This will show in their behavior. These people hide things and do not disclose how they achieved success. This is because of kind of fear – the fear of getting defeated. If you are like this then you are not so attractive. Cultivate the habit of encouraging others. If someone claims I walked 3 miles- don’t respond saying ‘that’s all? I walked 7 miles’. Instead, say “wonderful, next time I will join you and we can target more”.

5. You often do not talk and fight with friends

With friends, you have a habit of taking fight for silly reasons and you will not talk to them for hours to days. You criticize and talk in their back – If you are like this then change soon. Treat your friends like persons and friends not enemies.

6. You are jealous of others friendship

If you are jealous of friends or siblings get along well with friends and have more friends than yourself then you better change. Allow people to mingle with others and let them develop friendship. If they value you then they will comeback or will include you in their circle. Do not be jealous of someone else friendship. Keep up your friendship and maintain a healthy relationship. Never ask a friend how important you are to them.

7. Don’t be a boss

Allow other friends and family members to make decision. Or at least consult them for opinion and suggestion. If you think that you are the boss and world has to listen to you, constantly needing to be in charge and taking control of everything – then forget about your beauty. It looks ugly to others. Try to change your thinking process for better.

8. Dishonesty

Honesty is a easy way to attract people. If you are dishonest and keep lying to your world people sooner or later will come to know about the truth. One cannot hide the truth longtime. If you are dishonest and lying about everything then you will appear as a not so good person. It is always better to be honest with your friends and families. Honest people have the amazing ability to listen and give importance to others that makes a powerful attribute.

9. Being rude

Being impolite, embarrassing your family, friends and children in public, being offensive and abusive then it is better quit. Definitely, you are not someone people would want to be around. If you’re the person that’s frequently impolite, offensive, or embarrassing your friends with your rude comments in public – quit. You are not someone people would want to be with you. Constant fight, rudeness and irritation in face make a person ugly.

10. You are not reliable but you seek help

When you want, you will approach your friends for help and they are available. But what about you? Will you make yourself available for your friends? If you give constant excuses and try to escape from helping your friends during their needs then you are not a good person and no one can count on. Be there for your friends during critical times. If you have something important going on and circumstance is such that you cannot help them try to find an alternative solution or give them advise. This will make you feel better both in and out.

11. You are always pessimistic

During discussion or gathering if you are not shedding positive light on topics if you are constantly putting things down – people avoid discussing with you. Try to change your attitude. Start looking at the brighter side of a situation and tell people softly how you see the optimism in whatever topic that you are talking. This builds confidence in others and they will appreciate your inputs.

Changing oneself for better is always difficult. Take first step and then second and continue. This will make you a better person and you will not be alone anymore.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: August 15, 2016

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