These 22 kitchen hacks make life easy

These 22 kitchen hacks make life easy

To our previous kitchen hacks list Grandma is adding 22 more tips to make life interesting and easy at kitchen

  1. Place old newspaper at the bottom of garbage bin to absorb liquids from waste food
  2. Put pancake mix in a ketchup bottle for no mess
  3. Wrap a wet paper towel around your beverage and put in the freezer. Within 15 minutes beverage it will be almost completely ice cold
  4. To serve ketchup, chutney, mustard, pickles in party use muffin tin
  5. Use a hanging shoe rack to store cleaning supplies in bathroom or laundry
  6. To remove stem from strawberries, insert a straw in the center.
  7. Butter stick is too hard? Grate it to soften it
  8. Use a rubber band to loosen a tight jar lid. Place rubber band (or a rubber piece) around lid and turn it easily.
  9. To cut cheese or other soft foods use unused, unscented dental floss!
  10. Put ice cream containers in zip lock bags and store in freezer. When you open next time, it will be soft and easy to scoop
  11. Sprinkle lemon juice on a sliced avocado to retain green color
  12. To stop banana over ripening, wrap cling film around the stalk
  13. To chop green leaves, use a pizza cutter, cutting will be fast and easy
  14. Place an apple with potatoes to keep them from sprouting
  15. To slice cherry tomatoes or other cherry fruits in one slice, gently press them between two plates and pass the knife between plates
  16. On back of cabinet door hang measuring cups in order and mark measuring units for easy cooking
  17. Keep nut or seed flours in freezer to retain freshness for longtime.
  18. To keep herbs fresh trim their stems and place in water inside a container. Tent the leaves with Ziploc bag and keep in refrigerator
  19. Use kitchen tong to squeeze more juice from lemon
  20. To avoid mess while pouring small seeds, sugar, tea powder into bottles cut envelop in cone shape and insert in bottle mouth and pour the item.
  21. Leafy vegetables – wash and dry thoroughly and wrap in paper towel and keep inside Ziploc bag and store in refrigerator to maintain freshness.
  22. If honey is getting thick and crystallized, keep the whole bottle of honey in a pan containing warm water. Honey will come back to its natural state.

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: January 16, 2018

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