Fabric sheet hacks

12 Fabric sheets hacks you must try

Fabric sheets or dryer sheets can be handy and help to clean stuffs around the house. Try these 12 fabric sheets hacks to clean regular items at home!

  1. Cleaning electronic items

Use fabric sheet / dryer sheet to clean TV and computer screens without damaging or scratching the screen. Wipe dust off from screen of electronic items including your smart phones.

  1. Clean vessels

Keep a fabric sheet in dirty vessel and fill it with water. If the vessel is very dirty, then let it sit in the sink for few hours. Remove fabric sheet after few hours and you will see all that gunk comes out without much fight.

  1. Pet hair removal

To remove pet hair vacuum cleaner is helpful. However pet hair can clog vacuum. Wipe fabric sheet on furniture, bed and other areas where pet hair is present. Fabric sheet attracts pet hair makes it easy to clean.

  1. Dry spills

If any dry materials such as face powder, flour, baking soda etc. falls on floor and counter top use a fabric sheet to wipe. Dry particles stick to fabric sheet easily, making it easy to clean further.

  1. Air freshener

Use scented fabric sheets as air freshener in your car and home. Tape fabric sheets near air vents and fresh scent pleasant odor circulates in the house and vehicle.

  1. Remove soap scum

Using damped dryer sheets to remove soap scum in the sink by scrubbing it on the scum. You can use it for shower door, tile, sink and shower curtain. You will be surprised to see the result!

  1. Get rid of water stains

Just use dryer sheet and scrub the water stain in vessels or areas where there is water stain. It works good on bathroom mirror too!

  1. Clean iron

Remove any gunk sitting on iron plate. Just run the iron over the dry sheet with low heat setting. Plates  clean well.

  1. Glass door cleaner

To clean glass door windows, sliding doors, storm doors use fabric sheet. Dampen the fabric sheet and scrub the glass door to remove scum, oil or hard water stains.

10. Clean scissors blade

If scissors blade not working properly, run dryer sheet over both blades. It acts lubricant and scissor turns sharp.

11.Remove deodorant mark

Some deodorants can leave mark on your shirts. Use dryer sheet and rub on deodorant mark.

12. Place in stinky shoes

Remove bad odor from stinky shoes by inserting scented dryer sheet . It absorbs the bad odor by deodorizing action.

Image credit: trenttsd

Image credit: trenttsd
Cut Dryer Sheets in Half and Reuse Them (98/365) , https://www.flickr.com/photos/84335369@N00/7048267849 CC2.0

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 7, 2019

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