Ways to use Neem for better health

Ways to use Neem for better health

Neem can be used for external application as well as for internal conditions.

If you are considering taking neem for internal conditions, be cautious and start with small dosage.

Neem is very bitter and at the same time it is a powerful medicinal herb.

Here are ways to use neem –

  1. For crack: Wash and grind 2 cups of neem leaves with ½ tsp turmeric powder by adding little water and prepare paste. Apply this paste under and around feet before going to bed. Leave for half an hour and wash using warm water. If you prefer use twice a day and get relief from cracks.
  2. For skin:
  • Boil few neem leaves in half liter water. Water should turn to light green. Strain, cool and store neem water in a bottle. Before washing face, dip a cotton in neem water and apply on face. Leave it for couple of minutes and wash face. This reduces skin blemishes.
  • Take few neem and tulsi leaves, wash and grind with sandalwood powder and few drops of rose water. Apply on face and allow it to dry before washing face using cold water. This lightens skin blemishes.
  • Neem also acts as a moisturizer and has coolant effect on body. Grind neem leaves with little water and prepare paste. To this add few drops grapeseed oil and mix well. Apply this paste to face a s moisturizer.
  1. For hair:
  • Neem is known for its antibacterial and other medical properties. To reduce dandruff, boil neem leaves and use it after shampooing. Another way to use neem leaves is prepare neem leaves paste with water and apply on scalp. Leave it for an hour and wash using good shampoo.
  • Boil neem leaves with shikakai powder. Wash hair using this mix. Do not allow shikakai to enter eyes. Hair becomes healthy and silky.
  1. For asthma: Add couple of drops of neem oil to boiling water and drink the water. One can also use fresh neem leaves, boil and drink half or one ounce. This controls phlegm, fever and cough.
  2. Eye cleaning: Boil few neem leaves and use the water to wash eyes – externally. This reduces tiredness, redness and any irritation.
  3. For oral health: Neem twigs are one of the best traditional medicine used to keep good oral health. Traditionally neem twigs were chewed morning hours before breakfast and used as toothbrushes. This practice is still one can see in India.
  4. To treat ulcers: Neem bark extract is good to ulcer. Wash and boil neem bark for few minutes. Strain and drink half or one ounce of this water to reduce ulcers. This is same medicine that helps to cure malaria and other skin diseases.
  5. Neem tea: Dried neem powder can be stored in bottle and use to make neem tea. Add few drops of lemon in it and it helps to get rid of toxins from body. This also boosts immunity.
  6. For stomach worms: Chop neem leaves and mix with jaggery. Have ¼ tsp of this mix once a day. This clears stomach and takes care of stomach worms.
  7. Neem flower: Dry neem flowers well and store in bottle. You can fry these dried flowers in little oil with salt, asafetida and pepper powder. Mix with white rice and ghee (clarified butter) and have it for lunch. This increases appetite and metabolism!

If you have neem trees around your home, spend some time near or under the tree. Wind that blows through neem tree is believed to be good for overall health of humans.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 25, 2021

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