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Moles and Rashes

Moles: These are growth on skin surface. Moles develop when melanocytes cells grow in cluster. A person may have any number of moles in body.

As the body ages, chances of getting more moles possible. New moles appear until about age 40.

Not all moles are dangerous or can lead to cancer. It is better to watch the difference in size of the mole. Some irregular mole can lead to melanoma (type of skin cancer). If the mole is growing and taking irregular shape, discolored consult your doctor for a proper checkup.

Rashes: Itchy and dry skin leads to rashes. It can happen all over the body. It might be due to various factors – food, drugs, pollution, insect bites etc.

Bacterial and fungal infections, certain plants (like poison ivy) might also cause rashes. If your skin often develops rashes doctor will be able suggest remedy.

Rashes that last more than few days should be addressed by a physician.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 8, 2018

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