Suggestions for aging skin care

Suggestions to take care aging skin

There are specific dos and don’ts when it comes to skin care. With age our skin can become sensitive and vulnerable.

As we getting old, we should continue nourishing skin to keep it healthy.

Skin is the part that is exposed to outside environment continuously.

Nourishing skin is similar to other parts of our body makes it non-vulnerable to infections and recovery process of any conditions related to skin will be fast.

How to take care of skin with age and what are those dos and don’t? See what grandma has to say…


  1. Standard rule is : Eat vegetables, healthy fats and include protein, vitamins in your diet.
  2. Vegetarian: Reducing eat or no meat is a good choice as we grow older.
  3. Wear sunglasses: Protecting eye health and reducing wrinkles around eyes
  4. Exercise: To boost blood circulation and to remove toxins from skin – “sweat it out
  5. Use oil: Include oil in your diet. Go with oil that is suitable for your body. Apply oil and massage body once a week before taking hot bath.
  6. Vitamins: Certain vitamins are essential for skin health – Vitamin E and A have anti-aging effect.
  7. Traditional methods: Use turmeric, honey, lemon juice for skin care. Honey acts as a moisturizer, turmeric is a good remedy for skin condition and lemon juice which has Vit C is good to fight against skin conditions.
  8. Drinking green tea: Green tea contains resveratrol a chemical that protects skin from harshness of outside environment.
  9. Select beauty products carefully: Use formulations that won’t settle down in between wrinkles. For blush and eyeshadow use powder as it is gentle. If you are using lipstick, use cream lipstick to keep moisture intact.
  10. Get good sleep: Sleeping 7 hours is essential and follow a sleep pattern.


  1. Smoke: To avoid skin damage, stop smoking. Smoking gives fun as well as aged skin.
  2. Drink too much alcohol: It is dehydrating and damages skin
  3. Tan: Expose yourself to some Sun for tanning. Too much tanning exposes you to harmful UV rays.
  4. Wash face: Don’t forget to wash your face after work, exercise and sweating.
  5. Too much pool party: Chlorine in skin and hot water harms skin
  6. Harsh skin product use: Get to know your beauty products. Apply little product (known or new) to unexposed part of body and see for any reactions.
  7. Use of make up: Not all beauty products are good for aging skin. First understand what type of skin you have and what is your skin condition before using a product.
  8. Facial massage: This has become a craze in women. Facial massage should be done in a specific way. If not done properly it can cause inflammation. So be careful
  9. Tattoo: Stop if you are thinking of getting a tattoo! It is not meant for all skins. After certain age tattoo can only harm skin.
  10. Ignoring changing mole: If you have a mole and it is changing, watch and consult your doctor. Dermatologist are there for a reason and they will help you.

Listen to grandma:

Image credit: Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: October 4, 2018

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