Remedies for premature hair greying

Home Remedies for Premature Graying of Hair

Premature graying of hair is a condition that affects millions of people. For some people it does not bother but for many it is a great deal for various reasons. Hair growth depends on how we take care of them and how we nurture our body.

Reasons for premature graying of hair:

Nourishment of hair depends on the nutrients that are carried to scalp by blood stream. Sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands in the scalp is responsible for hair color and health. The two primary causes for premature gray hair are: Improper diet and stress. Other reasons are lack of important nutrients such as Vitamin B, copper, iodine, iron in our diet.

Our negative emotions – anxiety, worries, stress, anger, fear have adverse affect on hair health. People who go through lot of stress will end up in hair loss or premature graying of hair. The negative impact on mind effects body and it interferes in supply of nutrients.

Improper hair care, using too much hair dryer, washing hair too often and using hot water to wash hair, chronic conditions including constipation and hereditary are other reasons for premature gray hair. Using hair dye at young age can alter the chemical nature and interfere with hair protein structure causing gray hair.

Home remedies of premature hair graying:

Indian gooseberry:

  1. Use shampoos that contain Indian gooseberry (amla) for washing hair. It helps to rejuvenate hair follicles and promotes pigmentation.
  2. A mixture of coconut oil and amla powder can be applied overnight to hair and wash in the morning.
  3. Boil amla pieces in coconut or sesame oil and apply the oil to hair to stop greying.
  4. Massage scalp in amla soaked water once or twice a week while washing hair.
  5. Mix amla juice with almond oil and few drops of lime juice and apply on the scalp. Leave it overnight and wash hair in the morning.


  1. Applying henna once in two weeks or once a month will help hair to grow and will retains pigmentation.
  2. Mix henna powder, amla powder, lemon juice, beetroot juice and black tea to prepare a paste. Apply on hair to get pigmentation and good hair.
  3. Boil henna leaves in coconut oil, let the oil turn dark. Apply this oil on hair and massage. Leave it overnight and wash hair next day morning.
  4. Prepare henna paste with coconut oil and lemon juice. Apply this paste on hair, leave it for couple of hours and wash hair using warm water.

Castor oil:

Castor oil is good for hair growth as well as to retain the dark color of the hair. Warm castor oil a little, apply on hair and scalp. Massage scalp nicely. Leave it overnight and wash hair next day.

Curry leaves:

  1. Including more curry leaves in diet prevents premature graying of hair. It helps to grow hair with newer pigmentation.
  2. Boil curry leaves in sesame oil or coconut oil and apply this oil once a week on hair and scalp. Either you can wash hair next day using warm water or leave it till you wash your hair next time.

Clarified butter: Also known as ghee, applying this will help to control hair fall as well as pigmentation change in hair. Massage hair scalp using ghee.

Onion juice: Minimum once a week apply onion juice on to scalp and leave it for half an hour and wash. Onion juice provides sulfur that helps to regrow hair with new pigmentation. Sulfur is also present in keratin of hair. Added sulfur in onion makes hair root strong. Antioxidant present in onion juice reduces natural buildup of hydrogen peroxide which is responsible for gray hair. Onion juice is also helpful in getting rid of dandruff because of its antibacterial property

Diet: Include Vitamin B (B12), Vitamin D, Vitamin A and E,  Iron rich food in your diet. Food rich in these nutrients are essential to stop premature graying of hair. Fruits like banana, fig, blueberries and vegetables like carrot, amaranth, onion, spinach – are good for hair. Drinking buttermilk or consuming yogurt is good for gut. A healthy gut supplies healthy nutrients to scalp and hair.

Hair care:

  1. If you are regularly bleaching hair, stop it immediately. Bleaching damages hair root.
  2. Do not use harsh shampoos and conditioners. Get familiar with pH and hardness of the water at your home. Accordingly select your shampoo and conditioner.
  3. Do not apply much heat while curling or while using hair dryer.
  4. If the Sun is too hot, use umbrella or a cap to protect hair from drying and color change.
  5. Do not wash hair too frequently.
  6. Stop smoking immediately.

Meditation, yoga and Pilates: Practicing breathing, regular meditation, yoga and Pilates helps to release the stress from mind and body. A relaxed mind helps to balance the hormones that promotes hair growth with good dark pigmentation.

Premature hair graying is a common problem. If the reasons for hair greying is not hereditary, then one should be able to fix it using suitable remedies.  If you cannot fix the problem, then contact your doctor.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 22, 2022

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