Natural cure for excessive thirst

Natural cure for excessive thirst

We all feel thirsty for various reasons. When there is lot of fluid loss through sweating and heat we feel thirsty. Or after eating heavy oily and salty food we can expect to feel thirsty.

Apart from these the medical conditions such as gastroenteritis (vomiting and diarrhea), diabetes makes one thirsty.

In diabetic patients a antidiuretic hormone called vasopressin is responsible for passing of copious amounts of urine and it results in excessive thirst.

Some people have a habit of drinking lot of water to keep body fluid in balance. Some do not drink water at all for reasons like – vomiting sensation or stomach fullness after drinking water or feeling of urinating often in a day.
Do you know the condition of excessive thirst is called “polydipsia”

Grandma has some suggestion here – natural cure for excessive thirst.

How to overcome excessive thirst?

1) Drinking water: Drink recommended amount of water per day.

2) Drink one to two glasses of freshly milked milk – without boiling. If your stomach does not agree with this then, boil and cool the milk and drink it.

3) Take half a cup of decoction prepared with equal parts of coriander seeds, amla fruits, dried ginger and dried grapes – three times a day.

4) Take powdered amla in honey and water – three times a day.

5) Drink fresh fruit juice of jamun with or without sugar.

6) Drink turmeric water in sugar and honey.

7) Tamarind water (syrup) helps too.

8) Coconut water with little sugar and a pinch of sandalwood powder is a very good drink for insatiable thirst (as per Ayurveda).

9) Sweet lemon juice with little cardamom powder and pinch of salt takes away thirst.

10) Drink watery butter milk with little amount of salt or no salt.

11) Drink 1 or 2 glasses of rice water (after washing the rice, collect the water) with jiggery and little cardamom powder.

12) Sugarcane juice with little lemon helps too ( not for diabetic patients).

13) Grind soaked green gram with water and filter it. Collect the green gram water and add jaggery and cardamom – drink 1 or 2 glasses.

14) Drink coffee – coffee many times helps in reducing the thirst.
More importantly keep yourself hydrated during summer. Avoid going out in hot sun. If need to walk in hot sun carry an umbrella or be in shade as much as possible!

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Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: June 16, 2017

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