Weight loss

Tips to keep the weight off for good

Many face this problem of regaining weight after losing weight through dieting and exercising. For a brief period, reduced weight remains that way and slowly the weight comes back. In most cases it is the lack of will power that is responsible for weight increase. Here are few tips to maintain the weight loss after a diet or exercise program /training.

1) It is necessary to weigh yourself once a week to ensure that your weight continues to remain stable. Every time use same type of clothes and footwear and preferably weigh in the morning hours soon after emptying your bowels.

2) Use the same scale that you used for recording your weight changes.  Weighing on different scales may give different results.

3) Maintain psychological balance too. Psychological factors play a major role in obesity and weight gain.

4) Find out a rational solution to your problems and feelings of agony, depressions, worry, anger etc.  Do not suppress them by eating foods and snacks.

5) Eat a balanced diet. Because you lost weight, you should not go overboard on eating snacks and unhealthy foods. Maintain a proper nutrient diet.

6) Do not stop exercising. Exercise the important way to control your weight gain.

7) Exercise every day, almost an hour of workout helps to retain strength and confidence.

8) Do not skip breakfast. Breakfast keeps you energetic and motivated.

9) Follow low-fat, low-sugar, low-sodium and low-carbohydrate diet.

10) To avoid belly fat, drink good amount of water.

11) Stick to the changes, which you made during weight loss regime, make it a habit and make it a life style.

12) Talk to people who have same mindset as yours and get motivated. Motivate others too.

13) Get enough amount of sleep. Sleep reduces inflammation and gives your body the rest it is needed. Lack of sleep can lead to agitation and over eating.

14) Stop dieting! Many weight loss diets tend to be more specific and are for a limited amount of time. Continue with healthy food habit and healthy diet – let it be new normal.

15) Continue including fruits, cereals, vegetables in your new normal.

16) Stop deep – frying, instead learn baking or steam cooking.

17) Don’t binge eat. If you eat snacks (which we all do), consume less and set a limitation.

18) Understand your metabolism. Your body may be struggling to adjust to new weight. The changes you make after weight loss should be gradual and constant.

19) Keep continuing a food journal. What food regime you designed for your weight loss might be little different from the weight loss management. Understand the calories in the food you eat to maintain the weight.

20) Learn to love yourself – love your new body. Keep it safe from the odds and keep it safe and healthy.

Ultimately, it is in our hand that we need to put a control on our obesity. The realization has to happen that if we cannot make up our mind to maintain good weight and health we are the sufferers. Let us bear in our mind that not all the happiness of life is confined to food alone. Happiness is also having a healthy body with healthy weight.

Source: www.werindia.com

Image credit: Photo by alan KO on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Author: HealthyLife | Posted on: February 6, 2017

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