Weight loss and Heart health

Six Simple Steps For Weight Loss And A Healthier Heart

Today we are celebrating Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day is all about heart! It is not just your dear one’s heart that you should care about.  You must also show how much you care about your heart.  Benefits of maintaining healthy weight not just improves your look and energy, it also improves your heart health. How do you lose weight to keep heart healthy?

  1. Set a goal: Goal setting should be realistic. Understand and learn to check your BMI (Body Mass Index).  Start with small goals – initially target losing few pounds and once you achieve success in losing some pounds it will encourage you to focus on losing more weight and you can keep track on long-term goal.
  2. Why you eat so much? People eat excess for some reasons. Find out yours. Many of us eat either because we are bored or stressed out. Being mindful eater and understanding the roadblocks and the excuses that your mind create will help you to reach the goal. Keep a notebook that tells you how much you ate and what you ate?
  3. Portion size: Plan on getting a compartment plate. Three compartment plate of medium size is better. Place different food group in each compartment (section). The food group you select should be heart friendly, weight loss friendly and must full fill your daily needs of nutrients. How much calories you need? Go back and check on your BMI and find out what food suits your needs.
  4. Smart food choices: You don’t need to give up on your favorite food. Be smart – take small portion of your favorite food and if you still craving for your favorite food go for healthy substitutions. Earth has given so many options for us to be healthy – chose fruits, veggies and desserts that are heart healthy.
  5. Limit to three bites: When comes to your favorite food and dessert consider going a three bites limit. First bite is because you like it. Second bite means resisting urge of eating more. Third bite is your last bite and weight loss bite and no more bites – that’s it!
  6. Daily walk and activity: After your meal, consider walking at least half an hour. Walking improves digestion while promoting weight loss. Brisk walk improves heart rate. Consider moderate activity every day, move often. Being active is one great way to build energy and lose weight.

If your heart is healthy and happy, you will definitely enjoy Valentine’s Day celebration with your loved ones!

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: February 14, 2022

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