Returning to work post covid-19

Returning To Work Post Covid-19? Do’s And Don’t

Depending upon the severity of Covid-19 pandemic, many countries are opening in stages and employees started returning to work. If your employer informed you to return to work, then learn how to be safe and take precautions not to get infected by Coronavirus.

When you return to workplace after few months gap, you will find it bit strange and might feel a change in the corporate environment. You may feel bit anxious and scared to handle things around. Follow below instructions for your safe return from office to home.

List of Don’ts

  1. Do not touch your nose, mouth, eyes unnecessarily.
  2. Avoid public transportation as much as possible. If necessary, follow social distancing rule
  3. Avoid rush hour traffic and transportation.
  4. If carpooling, do not use Air conditioner in the vehicle.
  5. Do not shake hands or hug coworkers or friends.
  6. While at office avoid unnecessary movement, talking and visit to coworkers’ desks
  7. Avoid not so essential face to face meetings and interactions
  8. Do not share water, food with anybody. Avoid storing food common place.
  9. Try not to use public restroom. Do not use public paper towels, hand driers.
  10. Do not use coffee makers, say no to bagels, bread, birthday cake at work
  11. Remove any additional chairs or unnecessary furniture around your desk.

List of Do’s

  1. Carry hand sanitizer in your bag.
  2. Carry disinfectant wipes.
  3. Wear masks (disposable or reusable) and carry a spare mask in your handbag
  4. Start few minutes early to avoid rush hour traffic. Follow social distancing rule.
  5. If you are carpooling, follow CDC instructions: three people in car, five people in SUV.
  6. Make sure none of your co travelers have symptoms of Covid-19.
  7. If office is in walking distance, then walk to office instead of taking public transportation.
  8. Instead of shaking hands, practice namaste or say hi at a distance.
  9. Before entering the office, a trained person must check body temperature of all employees. If no such facility available at your workplace, call ahead and request for one.
  10. While at office, look out for anyone who exhibit following symptoms – cold, cough, sore throat, fever, having difficulty in breathing- If you see someone trying to hide the symptoms inform concerned manager.
  11. After touching surfaces use hand sanitizer to clean the hands. Use clean tissue to hold doorknobs, doors, railings, common phones.
  12. Clean your workstation thoroughly every morning. Use alcohol disinfectants or better yet is, 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution (3% Hydrogen peroxide, 97% Water). Wait for 3-5 minutes so that all germs will be killed.
  13. Use phones, emails for interactions. Use intercom facility.
  14. Maintain distance for face to face interactions.
  15.  While coughing and sneezing- practice respiratory etiquette. Use tissue or elbow to stop droplets fall on surfaces. Throw tissue in designated bin.
  16. Once a while step out side in Sun and breath fresh air for few minutes.
  17. Carry homemade food for lunch.

Common sense practices that you apply everyday while stay home should be followed in workplace too and it will help you and others.

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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: June 2, 2020

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