Namaste keeps germs away

Greet with Namaste to keep germs away

There are more pathogens are emerging out in this era.  New pathogens are threatening and causing epidemics.  Recent example is the present Coronavirus outbreak. There are many ways we can avoid exposing ourselves to germs that can cause deadly disease. Many germs can spread through just mere contact of hands. People, especially in Western countries greet each other by shaking hands. Handshake was designed for knights as a way of greeting to show that their right hand was free of weapons, to exhibit trust. In this era, handshaking involves pumping each other hands that would have touched toilet seats, sink tap, food, nose, mouth and other places. At times, an embrace or hug is used for greeting relatives, especially women. These type of physical contacts of individuals can transfer the germs from one person to another.  Not all the time we are in proximity of hand sanitizer or water to wash our hands.

According to a study conducted by University of California, Los Angeles, in hospitals if doctors receive patients by shaking hands, it only spreads the disease more. It is better to wave or bow to patient to avoid such mishap. Hand shaking transfers the vectors responsible for infection and this is one of the main reasons, hand hygiene is must in health care facilities. Waving and bowing are two ways to avoid physical contact with a person. Removal of handshake from medical facilities is an important way to protect health of both patients and health care person.

The best and safe way to greet people is through Namaste! “I bow to you” !!

Namaste that is existing from thousands of years as an act of greeting people. It is traditional way of greeting another person. Namaste is acknowledging presence of a person by pressing hands together, palms touching and finger pointing upwards, thumb towards chest. While bowing person says namaste or namaskar and the person who receives namaste will also express the respect by same gesture to the person who received him or her with namaste.  While doing namaste, there will be no physical contact and individuals will have few feet distance. When we greet people by Namaste we don’t need to stand very close. We can greet the other person by standing 4 foot away however, we cannot shake hands standing four feet away!

How namaste helps body and mind and keeps us healthy?

Namaste is becoming global greeting these days. According to spiritual studies, handshake can transfer raja-tama components from one person to other. This reduces purity levels, also known as Sattvic component of a person. Raja-tama are considered as negative components of an individual. Namaste increases the Sattvic component of both – those who involved in the divine act. We know that when negative energy is around us, our health could deteriorate fast. Avoiding negative contact will keep us healthy.

How to do namaskar or namaste?

The right way to do namaskar is, When we meet someone who is of the same age group or elder or when we get introduced to a stranger, join the fingers and place tips of thumb on the center of the chest which is also designated place for Anahat chakra. This increases the humility, reduces raja and tama (ego and ignorance) and increases sattva. Namaste reflects of intuition that all souls are equal and divine. For those who believe in God, namaste tells that God is everywhere and is existing in every human being that we come across and meet.


  • With all the power of my arms,
  • With all the intelligence of my mind,
  • With all the love of my heart,
  • I honor and respect
  • The soul, spirit, beauty, light, power – within me.
  • Namaste

Read more about namaste and Anjali mudra here:

Image credit: Photo by Gustavo Fring from Pexels (Free for commercial use)

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: March 3, 2020

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