Practice Yoga every morning to fight COVID-19 -Harvard scholars

Practice Yoga every morning to fight COVID-19 -Harvard scholars

Growing tension and increase in number of cases as well as deaths because of COVID-19 outbreak around the globe is making people to take their health seriously. Harvard University Health scholars in US urging all students to perform yoga everyday to fight against Coronavirus.  Harvard medical school is urging students to practice controlled breathing to prevent COVID-19 tension.

Yoga which helps in wellbeing and mindfulness has shown from time to time that it can only have positive influence on humans. Yoga practice is an excellent method to protect our body from stress, improves flexibility and body posture and in addition protects immunity.

 Research studies show that, yoga can alter the expression of the genes without changing the genetic code. This study was conducted by Harvard and Calgary University.  Yoga positively changes cellular metabolic function and improves nutrient absorption thus helps in prevention of chronic diseases.

Today many of us are sitting at home midst of lock down. We can make use of the time to practice Yoga to strengthen immunity and it can help us to fight COVID-19. Yoga, meditation and controlled breathing practice can lower the risk of the pandemic disease. Lowering blood pressure, reducing stress level and improving the capacity of lungs – all these three can be achieved by yoga which is essential to fight the disease.

Start your morning with yoga practice as it is the best treatment for COVID-19 says Dr. John Sharp, Psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School.

Regular meditation: Dhyana-Meditation is calming. Calming system helps to boost immune system. There are different types and ways of meditation. If you don’t know how to concentrate and do meditation take help of meditation Apps. Here in Healthy life we have articles about meditation that can guide you during your practice. Chanting OM for few minutes while focusing on your third eye is one of the simplest ways to meditate.  

Yoga poses: Asana- Doing Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation energizes entire body. Poses of Surya Namaskar activates entire body and organs. It improves lungs capacity, helps in good digestion, strengthens muscles and increases blood circulation. In addition, poses like warrior 1, 2 & 3, shirasana, shoulder stand, bridge pose, pigeon pose, balancing poses like tree poses – will help one to concentrate on the body and improves mind and body connection. This positive effect helps organs to perform normal function.

Controlled breathing: Pranayama –Yogic breathing, pranayama improves lungs function. There are different types of yogic breathing. Simple inhaling and exhaling practice strengthen lungs. Inhale up while counting one to 6 and hold your breath across the top. Count one to six and exhale slowly. Practicing yogic breathing few minutes will make us feel calmer and better.

In recent years Yoga is gaining popularity thanks to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi who promoted the virtual importance of Yoga and suggested United Nations to celebrate June 21st as International yoga day, the longest day of the year.  Yoga is above everything. It is above caste, color and region.


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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 1, 2020

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