National Nutrition Week India

National Nutrition Week of India

This week from September 1st  to 7th  India is celebrating National Nutrition week. To create awareness about nutritious food, impact of nutritious food on health Ministry of Health Govt. of India has acted through social media and several different campaigns.

This campaign was started by Central Govt of India in the year 1982 to encourage good nutrition and good health that impacts healthy living positively. Educating people regarding malnutrition that obstructs development of a Healthy Nation is another agenda of this campaign. The Food and Nutrition Board of India including other 43 Community Food and Nutrition Extension Units (CFNEUs) located in 30 states will coordinate with state Governments, NGOs, National Institutes  to achieve success of the campaign by spreading awareness for healthy India.

Recently Central Government started the campaign Fit India Movement to encourage every citizen to take part in health activities and to chose nutritious foods. Lactating mothers are encouraged to feed the new born baby (colostrum) and to feed baby for minimum a year that boosts baby’s immune system.

Indian Dietetic Association is conducting awareness program regarding healthy diet for Diabetes, children, women and diabetic condition. Many such activities are undertaken through out India so that citizens will get educated about healthy nutritious food that impacts everyone’s life.

National Nutrition Week Activities

  • People will be trained and educated for different Nutrition subjects
  • People will be motivated to create awareness and spread the word regarding nutrition education and training materials
  • Both Govt and non govt organization will run awareness campaigns
  • People training for food standardization and food analysis
  • Introducing people to National nutrition policies that are run by the govt in order to achieve the goal of the nutrition week.

Objectives of the activities:

  • To observe and monitor country’s nutrition and diet
  • To review the problem regarding diet and nutrition of the communities
  • To evaluate techniques and to conduct research to prevent and control the nutrition problem
  • To create awareness in public through orientation programs

In addition, public will learn about the scope and goal of good nutrition, balanced food, food groups. For example, including colored fruits and vegetables, balanced diet with protein, importance of whole grain and fiber, milk products, nuts, seeds, edible oils, omega 3 and omega 6 fats – several nutrition related terms and subjects will be introduced to all. The campaign includes cooking contest for healthy heart, diet counseling, BMI measurement, malnutrition and diet, poster competition and many more. There will be lecture by subject experts with demonstration on low-cost healthy ingredients and nutritious recipes for grassroots level functionaries like school teachers, preschool care takers, women from low income background and women organizations.

For those who are interested in learning how to cook healthy stuffs, preparing nutrition foods using different ingredients will be taught. For students, exhibition regarding home science, nutrition, value of nutrients, road shows and seminars are available in various part of the country. A nutrition week kit filled with all the resources that helps a family to prepare healthy food is available.

 It is very essential and important for all to get good nutrition and to build a healthy nation. Every company now requires employees who are fit and able to work under pressure. Such awareness helps people who are curious to make their body healthy and work better. This will also create better attitude towards health and increases self-respect. Eating better food vs junk food keeps body happy and in good condition for long time.  The impact of nutritious food can be seen throughout our life. Honoring one’s health means honoring one’s body. If we have good health, then we can achieve good things in our lives.

Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: September 3, 2019

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