Designing a simple life for better living

Designing a simple life for better living

We all have that thing in mind “looking for more, more and more” whether we need it or not. We want more of everything.

Do we really need it? Is it worth living a  life with all the clutters around us? What benefit we get from it – satisfying our status, ego or looking for attention? How it helps to get happiness?

Even if you get happiness from owning many materialistic things will it be temporary or permanent – you need to decide on this at one point of your life. Sooner the better. This is where designing a simple life can help you out.

Simple life does not mean that go for minimal use or lead a poverty filled life. It means find out what it takes you to find out inner peace and happiness in the life.

Simple life means not throwing all your stuff, it means you will keep only things that you wanted.

You will remove those stuffs that clutters your schedule, mind and home!

Suggestions to design a simple life

  • Be open to change: If you don’t want something and feels strongly about it, instead of holding onto it let it go – let the distraction go. It can be stuff, person who causes distraction or anything that you can let go.
  • Watch less television: To give more work to brain, use less television for entertainment. This saves your time and helps on focusing on matters that is important for you. Less noise means more productivity time for you.
  • Focus on completing fewer tasks at a time: Instead of rushing to finish ten different work at a time, focus on what work needs immediate attention and complete the task. This gives better, tension-less sleep too.
  • Don’t focus on negative thoughts: Warning is good, but too much caring about negative thoughts and imagining the worst always leads to complexity. Instead, learn to live not give importance to negative thoughts. Approach the problem in a simplest way and create a stress-free zone to your mind. Have less stimulation helps you to understand matters much better.
  • Have less clutters around you: If you don’t need things take them out – give away or store in the box. If you have not used things/stuffs in past 2 years, then it is unlikely you will use them. Less clutter means more place, more place means more creativity especially if you have children.
  • Less technology: Limit use of your smartphone, desktop or tablet. The more you online, more your time is restricted to focus on important aspects of your day to day life. With technology, there is always a pressure to focus on doing more stuffs that too faster.
  • More focus on nutrients: Spend your time learning about nutrition, wellness and right way to exercise. Focusing on your health instead of watching TV or smart tools helps you to achieve a better health.
  • Reduce, recycle, reuse: This has a huge benefit on environment too. Reduce usage, recycle things that you can and reuse materials that you can. It saves you money in a big way and helps the environment too.
  • Cook at home: instead of going to restaurant often or fast food chains, invite friends and families for a potluck and learn to cook at home. Cooking at home gives a trustworthy food, family time and saves you money.
  • Exercise: Any form of exercise is good for the body. Living simple lifestyle saves tons of time. Use the time to exercise and meditate. This reduces chronic stress.
  • Have fewer credit cards: More credit and debit cards means you are inviting more complexity into your life. Have fewer, best credit cards.
  • Get rid of expenses that is not needed: Consider your monthly expenses and note what expense is worth and what not. Act on it and you will be surprised to see how much you can save.
  • Have gratitude: Practicing gratitude helps in improving well-being. Admire your surroundings and be grateful for your opportunities and good life.
  • Generosity: Once you have less clutter and less things, you will start realizing you have more than enough and more to give. It can be your stuff, time or money. You will have resources to help others.

When you design a simple life, it has several benefits.

  • Peace of mind
  • Less stress, less distraction and less frustration
  • Concentrate on your goals
  • More time in hand to spend time on your interests
  • Lower cost of living
  • Smaller, better home
  • Focus on family and children
  • Focus on wellness of mind
  • Time to do charity work
  • Spending more mindfully, being able to be flexible with spending
  • Conscious about eating and keeping good health
  • Time to exercise
  • You will have less clutter
  • More energy in life

And, many more…

There is no need to go to extreme levels to achieve a simple life. You don’t need to give up on job, money, tv, relationship, travel etc. It means get rid of things that you don’t need. It is more about living a mindful life with less cluttered mind and surroundings to achieve peace. It means your actions should match up with your values. Your choices should be able to free yourself from things that complicates your life and helps you to focus on your and others happiness.



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Author: Sumana Rao | Posted on: December 27, 2018

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