Surya bedha pranayama

Surya bedha pranayama

Surya Bedha Pranayama is yogic breathing exercise which helps to calm the mind and any mental stress. It works as a medicine on tired and stressed mind and helps to relax. Performing Surya bedha pranayama in morning hours with Sun Salutation (Surya namaskara) has additional, positive benefit for both body and mind.

Surya stands for Sun and bedha is for piercing or breaking (through an object or something). In Yoga right nostril is called Surya nadi or pingala and left is Chandra nadi or ida nadi. Sun’s vitality is referred to right nostril. It is this nostril through which the physical and mental relaxation by means of breathing exercise happens.  It means the air that we breath through right nostril impacts the energies in our body.

How to perform Surya bedha pranayama

Surya bedha pranayama breathing is inhaling through right nostril and exhaling through left nostril. Best time to do this breathing exercise is early morning hours. Before commencing the breathing, exercise have a glass of warm water and after 10 minutes start the breathing exercise.

  1. Sit in full lotus or padmasana.
  2. Bring your focus on your novel.
  3. Keep your head, spine erect and close your eyes.
  4. Keep your both hands on your thighs in Jnana mudra position.
  5. Relax your mind and body. Take deep inhale and exhale.
  6. Now, close your left nostril using right middle finger and inhale through right nostril.
  7. Hold the breath for 5 to 10 seconds count – (this is called Jalandhar bandha). While holding your breath bend your chin towards throat. And, during the process of retention try to pull upward from your seat. (it is called Mula Bandha).
  8. While closing right nostril with left middle finger exhale slowly through left nostril
  9. After complete exhale bring come back to normal position and relax.
  • Repeat this inhale, exhale and relaxation steps about 10 minutes.
  • Throughout this breathing, keep your mouth closed.

Suggestion: While you are inhaling count to 2 and while holding breath count to 8 and while exhaling count to 4. Once you feel that you are good to perform the breathing exercise, then increase the time ratio to 4,16, 8 or 8, 32, 16. It depends on your breath holding capacity.

What other benefits you gain from Surya bedha pranayama?

  • Increase in energy
  • Gaining more positive energy and attitude
  • Relaxation for tired and stressed mind
  • Increase in brain activity
  • It clears the clogged mind and increases focusing strength
  • Cleans sinus issues
  • Increases appetite and clears gas problem
  • Good for low blood pressure issues
  • Removes any morning sickness
  • Helps in overall rejuvenation of mind and body

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